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About me

PhD Student in the lab of Ernest Arenas


MSc - Stockholm University

BSc - University of Wisconsin - Madison

Research description

Interested in studying and characterizing the function and mechanisms by which components of the Wnt/PCP signalling pathway regulate the development of midbrain DA neurons in vivo and application of Wnts to improve protocols for the DA differentiation of stem cells. Also interested in single-cell heterogeneity in the developing midbrain.

Niche-derived laminin-511 promotes midbrain dopaminergic neuron survival and differentiation through YAP.
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Translation of WNT developmental programs into stem cell replacement strategies for the treatment of Parkinson's disease.
Toledo E, Gyllborg D, Arenas E
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Oriented clonal cell dynamics enables accurate growth and shaping of vertebrate cartilage.
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A PBX1 transcriptional network controls dopaminergic neuron development and is impaired in Parkinson's disease.
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Analysis of neural crest-derived clones reveals novel aspects of facial development.
Kaucka M, Ivashkin E, Gyllborg D, Zikmund T, Tesarova M, Kaiser J, et al
Sci Adv 2016 08;2(8):e1600060

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