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About me

Ever since I graduated from the Master’s degree program in Biomedicine at Uppsala University in 2007 I have been working in the medicine research field.
Two years ago I began my studies to become a PhD at CPE, Karolinska Institutet. Before I started my PhD studies I did work at CPE already but as a project coordinator, I was responsible for the data collection in a longitudinal project about the autoimmune disorder primary chronic Immune thrombocytopenia (ITP).
My first occupation at Karolinska Institutet was however in the field of leukemia, where possible risk factors when using treatments for myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs)were studied. In this project, at the Internal Medicine Unit within the department of Medicine, I was responsible for collecting the data, reading the medical records and extracting data.
The ITP project enlightened my view to eagerly wanting to become more active within the research work itself, in order to become more well-grounded for the method analysis.
My affection to start a PhD study increased substantially and I wanted to gain more knowledge about immune thrombocytopenia.
II feel it is important to emphasize the research on rare chronic diseases and highlight the adverse side effects that the treatments towards these diseases might bring about. ITP is a disorder that has not been accentuated much in comparison to other more common autoimmune disorders.
Except spending my time on research, I prefer to spend the rest of my time reading books, practice yoga and run, in addition to devote my time with beloved ones.
I want to strive towards a prominent clinical beneficence with my research.
I believe that working with epidemiological studies is a good way of investigate risks, characteristics and outcomes of many rare diseases. Because it becomes a viewport into a broader perspective on the affected patients, where large studies are processed and knowledge is gained to the patients.

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