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About me

My main interest of research lie within physical activity and examining its physiological effects on the human body.

Research description

Study 1

I am working on an exercise intervention study (Fitforlife) which aims to increase functional autonomy (cognitive and social) in young adults diagnosed with mental illness and psychotic disorder. Investigating the effects of inflammatory markers and epigenetic changes in response to physical activity.


Study 2

We are currently conducting a lifestyle and physical activity intervention in collaboration with Centrum för Epidemiolopgi och Samhällsmedicin (CES) and Twitch, with the aim to increase wellbeing and levels of physical activity (PA) among individuals with mobility disability (MD).

The overall aim is to examine the efficacy of eHealth programs compared to standard care supervised health program (personal training) in order to support participants with MD to increase levels of PA and improve health-related behaviours.


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