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Skin toxicology

Skin exposure to industrial as well as consumer products often leads to adverse effects, particularly local effects such as chemical burns, skin irritation and contact eczema. Skin absorption of certain chemicals may also lead to systemic effects through increased body burden or serious acute toxic effects. A well based knowledge about methods for predicting these effects and their reliability is essential for assessment of data availabe for classification and labelling. It is also important to have knowledge of preventive measures to be able to act in the role of expert to occupational health services and government and local agencies.

We have during a long period studied several predictive test methods to get knowledge about the methods assets and drawbacks. Skin absorption of industrial chemicals has been another area we have been interested in. The same methods used in skin absorption studies can also be used for studying the protective effects of gloves.

The function of the skin barrier is essential to understand to be able to predict and describe adverse effects of skin exposure and preventive measures.

One field of research has been to study the effect of different exposures to the skin barrier using non-invasive methods. Recently a new study has been started following the function of the skin barrier at the climatic changes during a year on persons in a risk exposed occupation - dentists.

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