Core Facilities and Common Equipment at the Cancer Center Karolinska (CCK)

The purpose of the CCK Core Facilities and Common Equipment is to promote quality and quantity in cancer research, by providing expensive cutting edge or widely needed equipment and specialized knowledge that it would be un-economical or impractical for individual laboratories to invest in.

Link to the KI Core Facilities

Karolinska Healthcare Research Biobank (KHRBB)

CMB Microscope Core Facility

What is a Core Facility/Common Equipment?

Core Facilities/Common Equipment contain expensive equipment or analytical services provided for the personnel at CCK and personnel affiliated with the department of Oncology - Pathology. All the Core Facilities and some of the Common Equipment are identified by a sign containing a short description and a name of the contact person. This information can be also found at the home page. It is free of charge to use the Core Facilities and Common Equipment.

How to use the equipment and who is responsible for it?

The Core Facilities usually require you to take a training course. Core Facilities and some of the Common Equipment requires booking prior to use. Each Core Facility/Common Equipment have an appointed contact person for instruction or, in a few cases, for performing the analyses. A written self-instruction is posted by some of the instruments. The user is responsible for handling the equipment with care and in accordance with the guidelines. The contact person is responsible to:

  •  train the users
  • maintain order and booking
  • supervise maintenance, service and repair
  • evaluate need for upgrades or downgrades

Digital output files should be retrieved and backed up by the user. Most of the Core Facilities/Equipment are networked; alternatively the files can be downloaded locally to a digital memory medium.


should be directed to the contact person for each facility. The board provides oversight over the core facilities. Please contact the Chairman of the Core Facility Board, Sören Lindén, in case of emergency.

Suggestions for new facilities, upgrades, downgrades or termination

Researchers affiliated with the department of Oncology-Pathology are welcome to submit written suggestions for purchasing novel equipment or for upgrading the old ones. Find below a form that should be filled in and either left in Katja Pokrovskaja's mail box (floor 3 at CCK) or e-mailed to All suggestions will be discussed and presented at the homepage.

Form - Suggestion for new Core Facility at CCK

List of Core Facilities/Common Equipment at CCK

Flow cytometers
Histology Labservice
Real Time PCR
Bacteria rooms    
Chemiluminescence camera        
Confocal Microscope
Counter for Radioactive Isotopes
Dark room
ELISA plate reader
Film Developer
Fluorescence Microscope (Zeiss)
Gel Documentation System
Light Microscope (Olympus)
Luciferase reader
Microplate Reader
Microplate Luminometer
PH meter
Picture Processing Equipment
Radioactivity room
Ultra Centrifuge
Western Blot Equipment