Psychosocial aspects of oocyte- and sperm donation

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Overall aim

The project investigates psychosocial aspects of infertility treatment with oocyte/sperm from identifiable donors for involved groups, i.e. donors, recipient couples and offspring. 

Project description

The project is based on the ’Swedish Study on Gamete Donation’, a prospective longitudinal multicenter study that includes all university hospitals that provide infertility treatment with donor oocytes and sperm. During 2005-2008 we included consecutive groups of oocyte and sperm donors (n=299), persons starting treatment with donor oocytes (n=307) or sperm (n=857), and a comparison group that started IVF-treatment with own gametes (n=302). All participants are followed over several years with questionnaires that include study-specific questions (e.g. concerning disclosure of using donor conception) and validated instruments to assess e.g. personality (TBQ), couple relationship (ENRICH) and child development (SDQ).

In another part of the project we study how families that were created with the heIp of donor treatment are perceived in society. Furthermore, we investigate psychosocial consequences of young adult donor offspring (≥18 years) getting access to identifying information about their donor.

Principal Investigators

Claudia Lampic

Agneta Skoog Svanberg 

Gunilla Sydsjö 


Catrin Borneskog

Anja Gebhardt 

Astrid Indekeu 

Stina Isaksson 



Regionala forskningsrådet i Uppsala-Örebroregionen

Swedish Research Council

Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare

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