NVS celebrated new professors, associate professors and lecturers

Published 2016-02-15 11:34. Updated 2016-02-15 12:16Denna sida på svenska
NVS:s kick off 2016.
NVS:s kick off 2016.

The department started off 2016 with a kick-off for all co-workers at NVS. The department management presented the new educational organization at NVS and a celebration of the departments newest professors, associate professors and senior lecturers were held. Afterwards, there was mingle with drinks and snacks, and the popular live-band Daze was playing.

Professor (and GUA) Lena Nilsson Wikmar gave a lecture on the new educationnal organization at NVS.

Professor (and GUA) Kristina Johnell gave a lecture on Geriatric Pharmacoepidemiology.

Associate professor Yvonne Freund-Levi gave a lecture.

The most recent appointed professors at NVS. From the left: Kristina Johnell, Lena Nilsson Wikmar, Ann-Charlott Granholm and Yvonne Wengström, and NVS´s head of department Maria Eriksdotter.

The most recent appointed associate professors at NVS. From the left: NVS´s head of department Maria Eriksdotter, Axel C. Carlsson, Annette HeijneAnn-Charlotte Falk, Disa Sommerfeld and Yvonne Freund-Levi.

The most recent appointed lecturers at NVS. From the left: NVS´s head of department Maria Eriksdotter, Lena-Marie Petersson and Hanne Konradsen.

Images from the mingle