Loneliness and social relationships (Lena Dahlberg)

Our research focuses on loneliness among older adults and is undertaken in collaboration between Aging Research Center and Dalarna University.

Programmes and projects


Within the Research Programme on Ageing, Loneliness, and Mental Health: Understanding the Links and Enabling Change (REALM) focus is on loneliness among older adults, how loneliness is perceived and experienced, and its relationship to mental health. We will fill research gaps in order to promote evidence-based approaches to identifying, assessing, and addressing loneliness in practise by:

  • examining inequalities in risk factors and consequences of loneliness, and causal associations between loneliness, mental health and care
  • exploring subjective experiences of loneliness and mental health from a life-course perspective
  • developing an instrument to assess loneliness in practice 
  • creating a loneliness literacy training programme for care professionals, and enhancing care professionals’ response to loneliness

REALM is funded through a programme grant from The Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare (FORTE).

Causes and Actions of Late-life Loneliness (CALL)

The project Causes and Actions of Late-life Loneliness (CALL) aims to:

  • identify risk factors for loneliness with particular focus on social relations and the neighbourhood
  • examine the experience of loneliness
  • identify successful actions to alleviate loneliness in the oldest old

CALL is funded by The Kamprad Family Foundation for Entrepreneurship, Research & Charity.

REALM info sheet (in Swedish)

Involved researchers

Lena Dahlberg

Professor, Principal Investigator
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