Lampic & Wettergren group

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Research Focus

Reproductive and sexual health is a central aspect in the group’s research, largely focusing on young persons with cancer. One of the subjects we study is how fertility issues are communicated in cancer care. Another important research area concerns psychosocial aspects of undergoing infertility treatment with donated oocytes or sperm.

Research Group Leaders

Lecturer senior

Claudia Lampic

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 823 70
Organizational unit: Langius-Eklöf

Lecturer senior

Lena Wettergren

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 836 50
Organizational unit: Langius-Eklöf

Ongoing Projects

Fertility-related communication in cancer care 

Fex-Can - Fertility and sexuality following cancer 

Health-related quality of life and needs of care and support among cancer patients in East Africa 

Psychosocial aspects of oocyte and sperm donation 

Sexuality and thoughts about fertility in childhood cancer survivors 

Translation and adaption of the PRO-CTCAE – a measure of symptoms in clinical trials 

Group Members

Name Position Email
Lars E. Eriksson Associate professor
Stina Isaksson Junior researcher
Claire Micaux Obol Doctoral student
Lisa Ljungman Postdoc
Christoffer Malmström Associated
Annele Claeson Administrator

Collaborators and partners 

Karolinska University Hospital

Linköping University

Makerere University, Uganda

National Cancer Institute, NIH

Ung Cancer 

Uppsala University

Financial support 

Cancer Research Foundations of Radiumhemmet

Doctoral School in Health Care Sciences


Swedish Cancer Society 

Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation

Swedish Research Council

Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare

Vårdal Foundation

Selected publications 

Oncologists’ and hematologists’ perceptions of fertility-related communication – a nationwide study. Micaux Obol C, Armuand GM, Rodriguez-Wallberg KA, Ahlgren J, Ljungman P, Wettergren L*, Lampic C*. Acta Oncologica. Epub 5 April 2017.

Parenting stress and its association with perceived agreement about the disclosure decision in parents following donor conception. Gebhardt A, Sydsjö G, Skoog Svanberg A, Indekeu A, Lampic C. Acta Obstrica et Gynecologica Scandinavica. Epub 22 April 2017.

Cancer negatively impacts on sexual function in adolescents and young adults: The AYA HOPE study. Wettergren L, Kent EE, Mitchell SA, Zebrack B, Lynch CF, Rubenstein MB, Keegan THM, Wu XC, Parsons HM, Smith AW, and the AYA HOPE Study Collaborative Group (2016) Psychooncology.  Epub 30 May 30 2016.

Development of a self-help web-based intervention targeting young cancer patients with sexual problems and fertility distress in collaboration with patient research partners.
Winterling J, Wiklander M, Micaux Obol C, Lampic C, Eriksson LE, Pelters B, Wettergren L.  
JMIR Research Protocols 2016 doi:10.2196/resprot.5499 

Online focus group discussion is a valid and feasible mode when investigating sensitive topics among young persons with a cancer experience. Wettergren L, Eriksson L, Nilsson J, Jervaeus A, Lampic C. JMIR Research Protocols 2016; 5(2):e86. 

Exploring childhood cancer survivors' views about sex and sexual experiences -findings from online focus group discussions.
Jervaeus A, Nilsson J, Eriksson L, Lampic C, Widmark C, Wettergren L
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It takes two to tango: information-sharing with offspring among heterosexual parents following identity-release sperm donation.
Isaksson S, Skoog-Svanberg A, Sydsjö G, Linell L, Lampic C
Hum. Reprod. 2016 Jan;31(1):125-32 

Women more vulnerable than men when facing risk for treatment-induced infertility: a qualitative study of young adults newly diagnosed with cancer.
Armuand G, Wettergren L, Rodriguez-Wallberg K, Lampic C
Acta Oncol 2015 Feb;54(2):243-52

'Will I be able to have a baby?' Results from online focus group discussions with childhood cancer survivors in Sweden.
Nilsson J, Jervaeus A, Lampic C, Eriksson L, Widmark C, Armuand G, et al
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Attitudes towards disclosure and relationship to donor offspring among a national cohort of identity-release oocyte and sperm donors.
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J. Clin. Oncol. 2012 Jun;30(17):2147-53

Sexual function and experience among long-term survivors of childhood cancer.
Sundberg K, Lampic C, Arvidson J, Helström L, Wettergren L
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