Guitart-Masip Team

The goal of our research is to better understand the processes underlying motivation and decision-making and to develop tests that can be used to phenotype heterogeneous populations of psychiatric patients with the goal to improve classification and treatment outcomes of psychiatric patients.

One line of our research focuses on understanding the role of the neuromodulator dopamine in motivational process and decision-making across the adult lifespan. We are currently developing a battery of tasks to behaviorally disentangle different aspects of the dopaminergic system such as reward learning and invigoration. We want to apply this battery to follow groups of patients over time and identify whether changes in clinical status relate to changes in the function of the dopaminergic system.

Another line focuses on understanding how the human brain encodes expectations about the world (prior beliefs) and how this information is combined with available information to guide decision-making. We are developing and validating a behavioral test to quantify these prior beliefs and will use fMRI to investigate how the brain encodes them. We will also test whether psychiatric patients hold distorted prior beliefs and whether these are changeable with psychotherapy.

Team members

Marc Guitart-Masip

Associate Professor, Team leader

Stepan Wenke

Research assistant

Martin Nilsson

Research assistant

Former group members

Selected publications

* equally contributing authors

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