Eurostars - Eureka financing to NVS researchers!

Published 2018-07-31 13:36. Updated 2018-08-06 10:30Denna sida på svenska

The  project "Modeling BRICHOS for Alzheimer's Therapy" was awarded by Eurostars-EUREKA - congratulations!

Janne Johansson, Per Nilsson and André Fisahn at the Neuroscience Department (NVS) have, in a joint application with ZoBio BV, the Netherlands received funding from Eurostars-EUREKA for their research on Bri2 BRICHOS. The NVS part of the application is EUR 303 519 EUR (out of total 910 395 EUR).

Alzheimer's Disease is considered to be caused by aggregation and neurotoxicity of Abeta (Aβ) proteins. A natural human protein domain, called Bri2 BRICHOS (BD), can prevent or slow down this by preventing accumulation of toxic Aβ-intermediates. This project investigates how Bri2 BD could be developed to be used in future Alzheimer's Disease drug treatment.