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Doctoral projects

The doctoral research projects at the Doctoral School in Health Care Sciences and the PhD students are presented below.


Tanvir Ahamed Facilitating lung cancer diagnosis; linking the experienced body and the biological body
Susanne Assander Enabling older persons valued everyday life activities through reablement services and smart products
Nathalie Frisendahl Injurious falls in older adults: identifying people at different levels of risk - from epidemiology to implementation research
Martin Färdig Lung function and asthma in PrevenADALL (Prevention of Atopic Dermatitis and Allergy in children
Cecilia Haddad Ringborg The role of the family involvement towards improved survivorship in patients with oesophageal cancer
Lisa Herulf Scholander Clinical storytelling as tool tuning scientific evidence and lived experience with care for frail older persons
Therese Johansson Death and dying in elder care - developing competency through action research
Patrik Karlsson Effective mobilization and rehabilitation after abdominal surgery due to cancer, by wearable sensors, e-feedback and exercise - The AbdMoRe study
Siri Lilliesköld Immediate skin-to-skin contact between parents and very preterm infants after birth: Effects on parental experiences, breastfeeding, parent-infant interaction and physiological attunement
Marianna Moberg Implementation of a structured work procedure to prevent child overweight and obesity within student health care - focus on interaction between the school nurse and parents
Emelie Mälstam Make my day - incorporating healthy actitivity patterns: A person-centered, digital prevention program to support health among persons at risk for stroke
Linn Rönne-Petersén Att leva med långvarig smärta - studier med existentiell och molekylär ansats
Pernilla Sönnerfors Evidence based training and physical activity with an e-health concept - a new method for people with chronic diseases to become more physical active
Andreas Wallin Effects of a highly challenging balance training program (HiBalance) specific to multiple sclerosis - a randomized controlled study
Päivi Ventovaara Moral distress and the ethical climate - A Nordic survey with healthcare professionals in paediatric care


Doctoral student Research project
Malin Ahrne Antenatal Care for Somali women: intervention development, feasibility, sustainability and evaluation.
Carina Brandberg Patient Activation in Transition to Home (PATH) – a patient-centered intervention study.
Marie-Therese Crafoord Patient and health care values – A RCT study in patients with cancer evaluating a interactive ICT-platform for reporting symptoms distress during treatment
Malin Henriksson Advance care planning in Sweden: structured conversations about values and preferences related to future end-of-life care
Hanna Johansson Balance training for people with Parkinson's disease: clinical effectiveness, neuroplasticity and implementation
Sofie Possmark, former Johansson Has a dissonance-based psychosocial intervention effects on obese women’s quality of life, eating behavior, physical activity and sedentary behavior of obese women after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery? Qualitative and quantitative studies
Sebastian Lindblom The missing link – development and evaluation of person-centered transitions from the stroke unit to the home with continued rehabilitation in the home environment – a co-design project.
Caroline Mägi PreventADALL - prevention of atopic dermatitis and allergy in children
Marianne Palmgren Shared spaces designed for person-centered care in nursing homes for older adults
Oscar Pico Bothersome neck pain – course, effects, and cost-effectiveness of massage therapy and/or exercise therapy – a randomized controlled trial
Anna Svensson-Raskh Early postoperative mobilization for patients who have undergone elective abdominal surgery.
Mirkka Söderman Healthcare professional’s encounters with women with breast cancer regarding (return to) work issues: an intervention project
Arjan van der Star Structural, interpersonal, and individual factors influencing sexual orientation-based disparities in mental
Johanna Wangmar Screening for colorectal cancer – participant experiences in a cross-cultural perspective
Maria Ödling Transition from paediatric to adult care, school performances, choice of profession and health related quality of life in relation to asthma


Doctoral student Research project
Anna Anåker Stroke care units: evaluating the design quality and its impact on care, rehabilation, safety, patient's health and perception of the environment
Lisa Holmlund Return to work: Integrating a participatory approach with a clinical trial to explore and test a person-centered retur nto work model (P-CRtWM) among young adults with spinal cord injury
Amanda Cleeve Task sharing to improve post abortion care and contraceptive counselling at primary health care level-randomized control trial in Uganda
Maria Fjell Effects of an interactive ICT-platform for early assessment and management of patient reported symptoms and problems in patients treated for breast cancer - a randomized controlled study
Mia Forslin Maintaining, reducing or leaving remunerative employment: a study of work-related predictors and processes in people with multiple sclerosis, and development of a self-management program for cognitive support
Martha Gustavsson Participation in everyday life after stroke – Developing and evaluating a global model for a person-centred ICT based intervention
Magnus Johansson Internetbased treatment for alcohol problems and addiction
Helena Cleeve former Kjellgren Space and Place in End-of-Life Care: Co-Designing Experience-Based Interventions
Elin Lindsäter Who is the stressed patient and how can her health and functioning be improves?
Claire Micaux Obol Life interrupted – interventions to alleviate impact of cancer on fertility and sexuality among adolescents and young adults
Elin Pettersson Everyday and e-health technologies used by older persons with cognitive limitations: focus on prediction and ehealth intervention
Henrik Pettersson Physical function, physical activity and exercise, and health-related quality of life in patients with systemic sclerosis
Elena Tseli Nationwide evaluation of multimodal rehabilitation in patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain: treatment effectiveness, prediction and best practices examples
Susanne Åhlund MIMA- Prevention ofperineal injuries in childbirth among tirst-time mothers- Long-term consequences of Mldwives' MAnagement in seeond stage of labor
Annika Öst-Nilsson Person centered rehabilitation for return to work after stroke


Doctoral student Research project
Malin Backman Physical exercise during treatment for cancer - focus on adherence and optimal training
Emelie Butler Forslund Falls in wheelchair users with spinal cord injury – incidence, risks and concerns
Josefine Eriksson-Naili Functional evaluation in patients with hip and knee osteoarthritis. Consequences for patient and society?
Mari Hult
Marie Kanstrup More than pain : assessment and treatment of pain-related dysfunction in pediatric chronic pain
Pia Kvillemo Coping and stress management training with special focus on women with breast cancer
Maria Lindberg Reinius HIV-related stigma in the era of efficient treatment - conceptualization, measurement and relations to health-related quality of Life
Elin Lööf Functional evaluation and health related quality of life in children with idiopathic clubfoot
Håkan Nero Physical activity in Parkinson’s disease : measurement, correlates and effects of balance training
Jenny Nilsson The risk of infertility after childhood cancer - concerns and information
Åsa Norman Parental support to promote children's dietary and physical activity behaviours in disadvantaged settings
Ulrika Rehnström Loi Post-abortion care and contraceptive councelling by midwifes or physisician - facility based studies in Western Kenya
Annelie Rosén Placebo effects in health and disease : how expectations shape treatment outcomes
Charlotta Ryd Technology use among older adults with and without cognitive impairment : exploring relations with daily life occupations and need of support
Lie Åslund To help adolescents to better sleep


Doctoral student Research project
Ewa Andersson Group based antenatal care - expectations, attitudes and experiences from parents´ and midwives´ perspective
Kerstin Belqaid former Pettersson Taste and smell alterations in patients with lungcancer at different stages of assessment and treatment
Daniel Berglind Maternal obesity surgery: effects in women, spouses and offspring
Sara Cederbom Ability in everyday activities and morale among older women with chronic musculoskeletal pain living alone : a behavioural medicine approach in physiotherapy
Ingrid Claesson Better balance with somatosensory exercises : a Parkinson perspective
Charlotte Chruzander A 10-year follow-up of people with multiple sclerosis-aspects of disability and health, use of and satisfaction with care, and feasibility of cognitive behavioural therapy
Linda Ek Hand Assessment for Infants -Development, internal scale validity, reliability and tentative age norms
Charlotte Elvander Epidemiological studies of vacuum extraction delivery : incidence, risk factors and subsequent childbearing
Alexandra Halvarsson Fall-related concerns, balance and gait in older adults with osteoporosis
Marie Halvorsen Pain related aspects of neck muscle performance, functioning and psychosocial factors in individuals with cervical radiculopathy
Annicka Hedman Technology use in everyday activities among older adults with mild cognitive impairment : a study of changes over time and views on technology as support
Anna Jervaeus Being young with a cancer experience : health-related quality of life with special focus on independence and sexuality
Erica Johansson Active lifestyle - an intervention program to prevent falls
Oona Lassenius Being physically active : a bodily anchorage on the journey for recovery in mental ill-health
Ninoa Malki Risk, prognosis and prevention of cardiovascular disease in Sweden with focus on social class
Birgitta Nordgren Health-enhancing physical activity in rheumatoid arthritis : prevalence, intervention and assessment
Susanna Nordin The quality of the physical environment and its association with activities and well-being among older people in residential care facilities
Lina Palmlöf Neck pain : factors of importance for the risk and prognosis
Maria Ranner Evaluation and experiences of a client-centred ADL intervention after stroke
Lise-Lott Rydström Health-related quality of life and HIV-related stigma in children living with HIV in Sweden
Linda Sandberg Older persons living at home with cognitive impairments. A focus on risks and support
Lisa Smeds Practice-based evidence for evidence-based practice: Factors in the RN work environment related to safe and high quality care
Anna Westerlund Epidemiological perspectives on sleep: health-related outcomes and subjective-objective sleep assessments
Katharina Zetterström Disability pension among patients undergoing coronary revascularisation