Call for proposals: Funding of Core facilities in health care science 2017-19

Published 2017-06-01 13:56. Updated 2017-06-01 14:23Denna sida på svenska

The Strategic research area Health Care Science (SFO-V) is preparing a call for proposals of core facilities (CF) in health care science 2017-2019.

Funding can be provided for up to three CFs for a total of 10 million SEK (2-4 million per application) for 2017 and 6 million annually (1-3 million per application) for 2018 and 2019.
Do you have the basis for a core facility (CF) in health care science, but may not know it? A CF in health care science can involve many things - for example supply methodological knowledge, physical resources, and/or staff resources in a particular field or area. KI has CFs in a number of areas and more information can be found at:

Preliminary time plan

  • June - Launch of funding call
  • September 30 - Application deadline
  • October - Review
  • November - Decision
  • December - Information to applicants


  • The funding covers three-year support for development of a new CF in health care science related to one or more of SFO-V’s four core areas ’co-creation’, ’self-management’, ’e-health’ and ’biobehavioral health care science’. This funding can also be used for modification and further development of an existing core facility at KI to include resources for research in health care science.
  • Physical, digital or virtual CFs are eligible for funding.
  • Long-term sustainability, including financial support, should be guaranteed through collaboration/cooperation with stakeholders i.e. private companies, public authorities, health care providers or non-governmental organisations.
  • The CF should benefit several KI departments, be linked to strong research groups and currently ongoing/planned projects that could use and co-finance the facilities.
  • The main applicant must be employed at KI.

Application (in Swedish or English) will include

  • Information on main applicant and co-applicants
  • The relevance of and clearly identified need for the CF
  • Information on external collaboration and the role of external collaborators in the long-term management and functioning of the CF
  • Detailed description of the proposed CF, e.g. equipment, location, envisioned users, user fees and principles for access
  • Budget

The complete call will be open by the end of June, and found on the SFO-V web page

For more information, please contact

Christina H. Opava, director SFO-V

telephone: 08-52488880 e-mail:


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