Lectures and seminars

Workshop series: Preparing Oral Presentations and Presentation Skills

2014-10-1613:00 to 2014-11-1017:00 Retzius väg 13 a-b, house 75Campus Solna

The Doctoral programme in Health Care Science invites to a three-session workshop with focus on giving engaging performances and creating sharp presentations.

Themes we work with are oral storytelling, capturing the audience’s interest, speaking without a manuscript, prioritizing and organizing content, creating a story out of plain facts, and answering tricky questions.

In addition to the practical exercises, participants get to work on their own scientific materials for a presentation.

Workshop leader will be Aleksandar Djordjevic, who has a background as an actor, has worked as a project manager inspiring teachers and young people to own commitment in environmental issues, and has driven activities where young people can reach out with their story in established media. Since then Aleksandar has studied psychology and worked with research at Karolinska Institutet. In the current situation, he works as a licensed psychologist and he also gives workshops and lectures on the art of oral presentation and how to handle stress and stagefright. In his spare time he is engaged in storytelling, especially of stories from survivors of the Holocaust. 

Dates for the three occassions are 16 Oct 13-17, 6 Nov 13-17 and 10 Nov 13-17, 2014. Language: English. Information about room details will be emailed out to the participants.

At the moment the workshop is fully booked. Contact Anna.Sillen@ki.se if you are interested to be on the waiting list.

Quote from a participant, autumn 2013:

"Very good to learn new presentation techniques and to practice them. It was good the atmosphere was not so demanding but rather playful and spontanous."