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Workshop series : Manage your insecurity when speaking in public

2014-08-2013:00 to 2014-09-0318:00Campus Solna

This workshop is intended for you who suffer from anxiety when speaking in front of others – who perhaps would prefer to avoid performing in public or do it in agony because it must be done, or who just don’t feel comfortable when it's time to give a presentation.

Through basic theory and a lot of practical exercises, during three sessions you will to learn how to handle restraining nervousness and thereby develop your potential to give engaging speeches.

Dates and time for the three meetings: 20 Aug kl.13-17, 27 Aug kl. 13-17, 3 Sep kl.14-18

The number of participants is limited to maximum 8. And it is first come, first serve, so register your interest to participate today! To registration form (deadline August 1st.).

Leader will be Aleksandar Djordjevic, psychologist and actor. Language: English.