Lectures and seminars

Bringing user experience to healthcare improvement - exploring the potential and pitfalls of co-designing services with patients, carers and staff

2014-10-2809:00 to 10:30 Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset, Solna, Kirurgsalen A6:04, HuvudbyggnadenKarolinska University Hospital, Solna

The Innovation Centre - Innovationsplatsen - at the Karolinska University Hospital and Strategic Research Area in Care Sciences (SFO-V) at Karolinska Institutet jointly organize a seminar for interested clinicians, researchers, and students with various backgrounds with Glenn Robert, Professor of Healthcare Quality & Innovation, King's College London

About Glenn Robert: My research focuses on quality and service improvement in health care, and studying innovations in the organization and delivery of health care services. I have studied how patient experience is currently measured in the NHS in England and how patient feedback is being used to improve services. I have also recently completed a national research project to examine the influence of staff motivation, affect and wellbeing on patient experiences of care. A particular focus of recent work has been on developing and testing an 'Experience-based Co-design' approach to service improvement. The approach has been applied and evaluated as an innovative approach in numerous clinical services in the NHS and has subsequently been implemented internationally.

Registration: We have limited number of places - please sign up via a simple form on the external web: www.karolinska.se/seminar28october
For more information, please contact Carol Tishelman, Professor, Karolinska Institutet and the Innovation Centre, carol.tishelman@ki.se, 070-516 37 44