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Bridging research and practice - Improvements of care for persons with dementia living at home

To provide high quality care for persons with dementia in old age will be one of the health care challenges for the future. Almost 50 percent of all persons who are diagnosed with dementia currently live at home in Sweden. Home-help and home-care will expand and is great need of improvements.

The aim of the proposed project is to study the effects and outcomes after implementation of the Swedish national guidelines for dementia care in home-help teams from the perspective of: a) The persons living at home with a dementia disease, b) Family members to persons with a dementia disease c) The care providers/ staff. The project will provide new knowledge on the outcomes and the effects of the implementation. The project will also contribute new knowledge to the long term goal to develop a model for knowledge up-take in settings like home-care for persons with dementia. Moreover, the project will provide opportunities for other initiatives; a new model or strategies for knowledge utilization whit the aim to develop sustainable practice change in a home-care organizations.

Project leader

Lena Borell


David Edwardsson, Lena Rosenberg, PO Sandman, Sofia Vikström.


FORTE (2013) Forskningsrådet för Hälsa, välfärd och arbetsliv