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Aging and health – physical performance, sedentary behavior and injurious falls

This research group is a collaboration between the Division of Physiotherapy and the Aging Research Center (ARC).

welmer group

Research focus

Focus is on physical performance, sedentary behavior and injurious falls in older adults. Our goals are to increase knowledge regarding:

1) The complex interactions between biological, demographic, and social factors, chronic diseases, and lifestyle that may explain the development of poor health in old age, with a special focus on physical disability and injurious falls.

2) To what extent the increased life expectancy in the last century has resulted in healthy years or years lived in poor health and disability.

3) How and which patterns of sedentary behavior are linked to poor health among older adults.

Our research combines large population-based studies, register data and clinical studies. In the population-based studies, we use objective instruments to assess physical activity and sedentary behavior, which permits a more valid and detailed examination than previously possible in population-based studies of older adults.

Research projects

  • A multifactorial approach to injurious falls in older adults—identifying levels of risk, sex differences, and functional trajectories
  • Temporal trends in health and functioning among older adults
  • Injurious falls in older adults: identifying people who may be targets for primary interventions—further development of the First-time Injurious Falls (FIF)-tool
  • Harmful sitting in old age—too much or too long? Health effects of sedentary behavior

Group leader


Anna-Karin Welmer

Telefon: 070-745 18 18
Enhet: Sektionen för fysioterapi

Group members

Stina Ek, PhD student

Nathalie Frisendahl, PhD student

Ing-Mari Dohrn, Postdoc


We have ongoing collaboration with researchers at the following universities:

University of Padova, Italy

VU University Center, the Netherlands

Erasmus MC Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Lund University

Blekinge Tekniska Högskola (BTH)

EU project: Using Multidimensional Prognostic Indices (MPI) to improve the cost-effectiveness of interventions in multimorbid frail older persons

Financial support

Selected scientific publications