About the Brain Bank

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Brain Bank at Karolinska Institutet is a core facility for clinical and experimental neuropathology. The Brain Bank manages a collection of post-mortem human brain and spinal cord tissue, as well as facilitates brain donations, ie, we reach out and obtain consent from donors (donor of the brain and spinal cord tissue).

Donations and consent

Many have heard about organ donation for transplantation but less is known of the need for tissue from the brain and spinal cord for research purposes. The type of tissue donation unrelated to transplantation is not covered by the national donation program, and a separate registration at the Brain Bank at Karolinska Institutet is required for research.

Everyone who wants to support research by donating tissue can become a donor at the Brain Bank. Persons who wish to contribute to neuroscience can, after having given an informed consent, donate his / her brain and spinal cord for clinical diagnostics and research. The Brain Bank provides information booklets and consent forms. Contact us and we can send you more information.

The Brain Banks information and consent material can be used within existing research projects and the neuropathological examination provided by the Brain Bank is often a supplement to the clinical data collected in the research study.

The Brain Bank at KI - Collected tissue

The Brain Bank samples post-mortem tissue from the nervous system in order to facilitate neuroscience and medical research. Through research, we can develop better diagnostics and increase our understanding of human nervous system development, aging and diseases.

The material can be used for eg morphological, biochemical and genetic studies.

Please contact the Brain Bank for more information about the sample collection. brainbank@nvs.ki.se

Tissue requests from the Brain Bank

Please fill out our tissue request form if you want to include tissue from the Brain Bank in your research studies. You find the price list here.


The Brain Bank seeks to strengthen the relationship between clinicians and scientists and the brain Bank staff are both clinically and scientifically active researchers. Since the Brain Bank originates from the field of neurodegenerative diseases, the majority of the Brain Banks research projects are focused on Alzheimer disease, frontotemporal dementia, and other dementias. However, by collaborating with experts in other fields of neuroscience the Brain Bank strives to meet the need for human brain tissue from donors representing all diseases and conditions of the nervous system including healthy controls.


The Brain Bank at KI is involved in educational programs for students and staff at both KI and the hospital (SLL).

Public Health and Society

The Brain Bank can help to establish definitive diagnoses of diseases in the central nervous system.

Because the life expectancy of the population is increasing, the number of people suffering from neurodegenerative diseases (such as Alzheimer disease and Parkinson disease) will increase. The Brain Bank can therefore provide significant information regarding the prevalence of nervous system disease by facilitating post mortem neuropathological examinations.

The Brain Bank hopes to contribute to the community and also encourage more people to become brain donors by providing information to the public, healthcare providers, and researchers.

Collaborations and Partnerships

The Brain Bank at KI is a partner of

The Swedish Twin Registry

Swedish Dementia Registry - SveDem