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Zikavirus infection in children with confirmed antenatal exposure

PIM seminar with Zilton Vasconcelos
Ph.D. Fundação Oswaldo Cruz, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil


December 11 @ 13-14
Host: Petter Brodin, M.D.,Ph.D
Associate Professor

Coffee and sandwiches will be served
No registration necessary

One year and a half after the start of the international health emergency of microcephaly related to congenital zikavirus infection, a new study coordinated by specialists from theNational Institute of Women, Children and Adolescents Health FernandesFigueira(IFF/Fiocruz) foundthat ocular abnormalities can be the only initial finding of infants whose mothers were infected during pregnancy. According to researchers, the finding suggests the need to rethink the evaluation criteria in neonatal screening to include sunken eye exams for all infants with potential maternal exposure to the virus.


Welcome to the PIM (pediatric immunology, infection & inflammation) seminar!A seminar series co-organized by the Dept. of Women’s and Children’s Health, unit of clinical pediatrics, Karolinska Institutetand SciLifeLab