High impact publications

Recent publications in high impact journals where researchers from KI are main authors.

Interactions within the Pancreatic Islet Determine the Glycemic Set Point
Rodriguez-Diaz R, Molano RD, Weitz JR, Abdulreda MD, Berman DM, Leibiger B, Leibiger IB, Kenyon NS, Ricordi C, Pileggi A, Caicedo A, Berggren PO, Cell Metabolism (2018) Online 6 March. Clinical and Translational Report. 

Reducing Pericyte-Derived Scarring Promotes Recovery after Spinal Cord Injury
Oliveira Dias D, Kim H, Holl D, Werne Solnestam B, Lundeberg J, Carlén M, Göritz C, Frisén J, Cell (2018) Online 1 March. Article.

Real-World Effectiveness of Pharmacologic Treatments for the Prevention of Rehospitalization in a Finnish Nationwide Cohort of Patients with Bipolar Disorder
Lähteenvuo M, Tanskanen A, Taipale H, Hoti F, Vattulainen P, Vieta E, Tiihonen J, JAMA Psychiatry (2018) Online 28 February. Original Investigation.

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