Top publications in selection

A limited selection of recent publications in high impact journals where researchers from KI are main authors.

No support for the hypothesis of a GABA/glutamate imbalance in autism
GABAA receptor availability is not altered in adults with autism spectrum disorder or in mouse models, Horder J, Andersson M, Mendez MA et al., Scinece Translational Medicine, October 2018.

Skin microenvironment of the whole body disturbed in psoriasis patients
A skewed pool of resident T cells triggers psoriasis-associated tissue responses in never-lesional psoriasis skin, Gallais Sérézal I, Hoffer E, Ignatov B, Martini E, Zitti B, Ehrström M, Eidsmo L, Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, September 2018.

New findings on smallest modules of the genome
The interaction landscape between transcription factors and the nucleosome, Zhu F, Farnung L, Kaasinen E, Sahu B, Yin Y, Wei B, Dodonova SO, Nitta KR, Morgunova E, Taipale M, Cramer P, Taipale J, Nature, September 2018.