Professors at Karolinska Institutet were installed October 15

Published 2015-10-14 21:14. Updated 2015-10-21 16:31Denna sida på svenska
Vice-Chancellor Anders Hamsten at the 2015 installation ceremony. Photo credit: Erik Cronberg
Vice-Chancellor Anders Hamsten at the 2015 installation ceremony. Photo credit: Erik Cronberg

Karolinska Institutet's yearly installation ceremony was held Thursday October 15, 2015, at which new professors, adjunct professors, visiting professors and, not least, foreign adjunct professors were presented. This year's academic prizes and awards were also announced.

All new professors at Karolinska Institutet are presented on the KI website, please visit to find out more about their research (in Swedish as well as in English):

The following adjunct professors were presented during the ceremony:

Barbro Dahlén, Pulmonary Medicine and Allergology.

Solvig Ekblad, Multicultural Health Services Research.

Mikael Forsman, Ergonomics.

Eva Hurt-Camejo, Biochemical Cardiovascular Research.

Ralph Knöll, Genetic Cardiology.

Jonas Mattsson, Cell Therapy.

Ali Mirazimi, Clinical Virology.

Magnus Nord, Experimental Pulmonary Medicine.

Ann Nordgren, Clinical Genetics.

Lennart Nordström, Obstetrics.

Claes Norring, Clinical Psychology.

Nina Sellberg, E-Health in Medical Radiology.

Håkan Wallén, Cardiology.

The following visiting professors were presented: 

Lauri Aaltonen, Cancer Genetics.

Patrick Cramer, Structure Biology and Systems Biology.

Ann-Charlotte Granholm Bentley, Neurosciences.

Anu Kantele, Infectious Medicine specialising in Travel Medicine.

Terumi Kohwi-Shigematsu, Cancer Epigenetics.

Ilona Koupil, Social Epidemiology, especially Children and Adolescents.

Matti Lehtinen, Epidemiology.

Hans Morten Lossius, Prehospital Emergency Care.

Karl-Johan Malmberg, Cellular Immune Therapy.

Anders Persson, Medical Radiology.

Thomas Sakmar, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry.

Timo Sorsa, Periodontics.

Peter Svensson, Clinical Oral Physiology.

Find out more about the prizes and awards that were presented during the installation ceremony 2015:

The Grand Silver MedalGunnel Biberfeld, Britta Wahren and SGO Johansson.
The Eric K. Fernström Prize: Sten Linnarsson (in Swedish only).
The Håkan Mogren prize: Elisabet Lidbrink.
Lennart Nilsson Award: ​Katrin Willig.
The Sven and Ebba-Christina Hagberg Prize: Emma Andersson och Robert Månsson.