News from the departments

Horizon 2020 grant for consortium led by Roman Zubarev

15 Jan 2019

Almost 4 million euro was granted to a European consortium coordinated by Roman Zubarev. The project entitled ‘TopSpec - Next generation precision antibody profiling - from science fiction to reality’ was received from the European Innovation Council in a call to explore novel ideas for radically new technologies.

Support by mobile phone after stroke

11 Jan 2019

Within the research group HELD at the Division of Occupational Therapy, Karolinska Institutet, we have been running a project for a few years: Participation in daily activities in everyday life after stroke - Developing and evaluating a model for a mobile phone supported and client-centred...
InternationalOccupational TherapyRehabilitationStroke

Olli Kallioniemi receives the Annual Research Prize of the Finnish Medical Society Duodecim

11 Jan 2019

Professor and SciLifeLab Director Olli Kallioniemi is a winner of the 2019 Matti Äyräpää Award. This prize is the most important national medical prize in Finland, which has been awarded annually by the Medical Society Duodecim since 1969. Olli Kallioniemi is awarded for his pioneering...
AwardCancer and OncologyPrize

Anna-Karin Welmer is awarded FORTE-grants

10 Jan 2019

Anna-Karin Welmer receives SEK 3,972,000 from FORTE for the period 2019-2021 for her research project "Social Health And Reserve in the Dementia patient journey ". She is senior lecturer at the division of physiotherapy, associate professor in Aging Research at ARC and physiotherapist at Karolinska...

Juleen Zierath, one of two researchers awarded the Nordic Medicine Prize for her extensive research on diabetes

08 Jan 2019

Juleen Zierath is one of two researchers awarded the Nordic Medicine Prize for her extensive and important research on diabetes. The Nordic Medicine Prize, previously known as the Salus Ansvar-Prize, has been awarded annually since 1998 and is one of the most prestigious medicine awards in the...

INFRAFRONTIER call: Derivation of germ-free mice (axenic service) call

21 Dec 2018

INFRAFRONTIER is the European Research Infrastructure for phenotyping, archiving and distribution of model mammalian genomes. One of the INFRAFRONTIER2020 project aims is to develop pilot platforms and services supporting microbiome research. A service to derive germ-free (axenic) mice is now...
Animal experiment

MEB scientists among Highly Cited Researchers

21 Dec 2018

KI is represented on this year's list from Clarivate Analytics of the most cited researchers 2018 . The researchers on the list are the top 1 percent for cited journal articles between 2006-2016 based on the Web of Science. From MEB, several of our researchers within the field of genetic...
EpidemiologyPsychiatric disordersRanking

Learning from rewards is related to dopamine receptor density

21 Dec 2018

New research from Karolinska Institutet shows that our ability to learn from previously rewarded actions is directly related to the dopamine receptor density in the dorsal striatum, a central structure in the dopaminergic circuit in the brain. The study is published in the scientific journal PNAS...

Mikael Karlsson awarded 6M SEK from the Sjöberg Foundation

21 Dec 2018

Mikael Karlsson, at the Department of Microbiology, Tumor and Cell Biology, has been awarded SEK 6 million from the Sjöberg Foundation for the research project: "New immunotherapy for pancreatic cancer by reprogramming macrophages”. The funding will be distributed over a three-year period. The...

Dissertation 18 Jan 2019: Anna Plym

20 Dec 2018

On Jan 18 Anna Plym will defend her thesis " Breast and prostate cancer: the impact of diagnosis and treatment on sick leave and work ". Her opponent will be Professor Susanne Oksbjerg Dalton from the Danish Cancer Society Research Center and the University of Copenhagen. Anna's supervisors are...
Breast cancerEpidemiologyProstate cancer

Professor András Simon appointed as the acting chairman of CMB

20 Dec 2018

Professor András Simon at Karolinska Institutet’s Department of Cell and Molecular Biology has been appointed as the acting chairman of CMB, for the period January 1st – May 31st, 2019. An ordinary recruitment process for a new chairman well be initiated within soon.

Study on prostate cancer receives SEK 7,5 million from the Erling-Persson Foundation

19 Dec 2018

The Erling-Persson Family Foundation mainly funds research in medicine and healthcare. Important selection criteria for the funding programme are that the research is translational, application oriented, and involves interdisciplinary cooperation. In 2018 the Erling-Persson Family Foundation...

Linda Björkhem-Bergman has been awarded a grant from The Swedish Cancer Society

18 Dec 2018

Linda Björkhem-Bergman, at the Divison of Clinical Geriatrics, NVS, has been awarded a grant from The Swedish Cancer Society for her research project " Att få leva tills man dör – Faktorer som påverkar symptombörda, livskvalitet och överlevnadstid hos Cancerpatienter i Palliativt skede. Fokus på...

Veronica Lindström at NVS has received KI's educational project funding

18 Dec 2018

Veronica Lindström, Associate Professor and Senior Lecturer at the Divison of Nursing, has received 450,000 SEK for the project "New arena for interprofessional learning - Clinical Training Ambulance (KUAmbulans)" for 2019.

Nursing 20 years at KI

18 Dec 2018

The Division of Nursing held an Open House during the afternoon of November 29th to celebrate 20 years at KI. It was an afternoon filled with both history and faith in the future. With the strong development in these 20 years, both education and research in nursing have taken great strides forward...

Ann Langius-Eklöf has been awarded a grant from The Swedish Cancer Society

18 Dec 2018

Ann Langius-Eklöf, at the Divison of Nursing, NVS, has been awarded a grant from The Swedish Cancer Society for her research project "Living better and longer with cancer: effects of person-centered care with support from mobile technology". In total, it amounts to 2.4 million kronor distributed...

New study on the function of MAIT cells in bacterial infections

18 Dec 2018

Johan Sandberg and his research group at Center for Infectious Medicine have published an article in the scientific journal PNAS. What is the article about? "Mucosa-associated invariant T (MAIT) cells are unconventional innate-like T cells that recognize microbial riboflavin metabolites presented...
Infectious Disease Medicine

New digital decision support gives gravely ill cancer patients the right fracture treatment

17 Dec 2018

Jonathan Forsberg and Rikard Wedin, both members of the Orthopaedics research group, have developed an adaptive clinical decision support system, PATHFx, to help gravely ill cancer patients get the right treatment of fractures. PATHFx is based on artificial intelligence (AI) combined with data from...
Cancer and OncologyOrthopaedics

Report from the ARC-day 2018

14 Dec 2018

Another successful ARC-day was held in Elite Carolina Tower Hotel on December 5th 2018. The management informed about a changing future due to KI and ARC reorganization and the sections gave lectures about latest achievements within their research areas. More detailed information about the day can...

Jonas Ludvigsson top-ranked for research on celiac disease

13 Dec 2018

Professor Jonas Ludvigsson has been ranked among the top researchers on celiac disease in the world by Expertscape, a site that ranks people and and institutions by their expertise in more than 26,000 biomedical topics. Based on 5,884 articles published since 2008, Ludvigsson is number 3 for his...
Autoimmune diseasesEpidemiologyRanking

Yihai Cao elected Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors (NAI)

13 Dec 2018

The National Academy of Inventors (NAI) Fellows Selection Committee and Board of Directors have elected Yihai Cao from MTC to the rank of NAI Fellow. The motivation is "having demonstrated a highly prolific spirit of innovation in creating or facilitating outstanding inventions that have made a...

uMOVE - a big move forward

12 Dec 2018

"We are now looking forward to exciting research, rewarding courses and better targeted treatments using our new core facility uMOVE," says Erika Franzén, Scientific Director of uMOVE. An uMOVE Facility kick-off was held in Solna on November 29. uMOVE is a collaboration between the Karolinska...

Klas Kärre presents the Nobel Prize in Medicine 2018

12 Dec 2018

Professor Klas Kärre from MTC presented the Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology 2018 at the award ceremony in the Concert Hall in Stockholm on the 10th December, 2018. Klas Kärre is both research group leader at MTC and Chairman of the steering group for the research committee (forskningsnämnden...

Sean Rudd granted 10 MSEK

12 Dec 2018

Sean Rudd in Thomas Helledays group has been granted a faculty funded Assistant professor position by the Board of Research at KI - worth 4 MSEK over 4 years. In addition to this, he was recently awarded a starting grant from the Swedish Research Council – worth 6 MSEK over 4 years.

Major grants awarded to MTC researchers in VR's call for Researcher Environments in Infection and Antibiotics 2018

12 Dec 2018

Two MTC researchers have received research environment grants for 25 million SEK from the Swedish Research Council (VR). Birgitta Henriques Normark (with co-applicants Georgios Sotiriou and collaboration with KTH, Stockholms University and Umeå University) and Mats Wahlgren (with co-applicants Ulf...

Georgios Sotiriou awarded the Young Faculty Award at the 8th Annual Mayo Clinic Symposium

12 Dec 2018

Georgios Sotiriou has been awarded the Young Faculty Award at the 8th Annual Mayo Clinic Symposium. The Symposium, with the theme "Tumor Microenvironment and Cancer Therapeutics: Role of Precision Medicine and Targeted Therapy" was held in December 2018 in Florida, U.S.A. The symposium receives...

New thesis on nutritional factors for patients who undergo oesophageal cancer surgery

11 Dec 2018

Poorna Anandavadivelan from the group Surgical Care Science will defend her thesis "Oesophageal Cancer Surgery - Nutritional Determinants of Survivorship" on December 14, 2018. Main Supervisor is Pernilla Lagergren. What's the main focus of your thesis? The main focus my thesis is the role of...
Care Sciences

Professor Christina Dalman receives 24,9 million SEK from the Swedish Research Council

10 Dec 2018

The study, led by Professor Christina Dalman, will investigate early interventions in mental illness. "Data show that a lower proportion of newly arrived minors receive early intervention for mental distress in the first line mental health service compared to Swedish-born. This programme aims at facilitating newly arrived children and youth to seek, and receive, appropriate help at an early stage", says Christina Dalman.
Mental Ill-Health

Annika Bergquist receives SEK 19 million in research support from the Swedish Research Council

10 Dec 2018

The study Annika is leading will investigate whether a certain type of drug (statins) can reduce the risk of liver failure and liver cancer in primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) What is the research grant you received? “I have received a grant from the Swedish Research Council as a contribution...

Giedre Grigelioniene interviewed on her collaboration with a Nobel Prize Winner

10 Dec 2018

Most researchers will never come close to winning a Nobel Prize. But some are fortunate enough to work with one of the 200 or so living Nobel legends of the research world. In the magazine Medical Science no 4 2018, there is a news article where three KI researchers are interviewed about their...

MTC welcomes Assistant Professor Ben Murrell

10 Dec 2018

MTC welcomes Ben Murrell as an Assistant Professor, funded for four years by the KI Board of research, as well as by a VR starting grant. Ben's research focuses on studying viral dynamics using models of molecular evolution, and using long-read next-generation sequencing technology. Before moving...

MTC representatives in the new KI organisation

07 Dec 2018

Karolinska Institutet's new organisational structure is now in place, following elections in 2018. MTC has three faculty representatives (lärarrepresentanter) in the new organisation that will collectively form Karolinska Institutets future strategy. We congratulate our newly appointed...

Kaj Fried recipient of the Swedish Dental Association's International Prize

07 Dec 2018

The Swedish Dental Association, established in 1908, is one of the main contributors to odontological research in Sweden. The Swedish Dental Association’s International Prize is awarded every three years to a dentist (Swedish or non-Swedish) having made pioneering efforts in odontological research...

Swedish Research Council grants close to SEK 17 million to MBB researchers

07 Dec 2018

Four researchers at the Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics (MBB) have together been granted SEK 16.8 million in project funds from the Swedish Research Council. Within Medicine and Health, all funds have been granted for four years, from 2019 through 2022. Project: Deciphering the...

Identification of drugs that limit the toxicity of arginine-rich peptides might provide new clues to potential therapies for ALS

07 Dec 2018

In a recent study published in Cell Chemical Biology , researchers from the Oscar Fernandez-Capetillo group at Karolinska Institutet have identified drugs that limit the toxicity of peptides causing the neurodegenerative illness ALS. This might provide new clues to potential therapies. Oscar...

Sandra Jernström wins scholar award

06 Dec 2018

In the leading global startup/tech conference in Helsinki, called Slush (over 20,000 participants), there was a science pitching competition for postdocs for best ideas. From 100s of ideas sent from different fields, 8 finalists were chosen and among them a winner was selected based on a 3 minute...
AwardCancer and Oncology

Three questions to PhD student Olivia Biermann named 'Emerging Voice for Global Health 2018'

06 Dec 2018

Olivia Biermann, PhD student at the Department of Public Health Sciences, was one of the selected participants of the Emerging Voices for Global Health programme.
Doctoral studentGlobal Health

New thesis: Disability and health-related quality of life in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and caregiving experience from the perspective of next of kin

04 Dec 2018

Hi Petter Sandstedt, PhD-student at the Division of Physiotherapy. On 14 December you will defend your thesis "Disability and health-related quality of life in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and caregiving experience from the perspective of next of kin", what's the main focus of the...
Doctoral educationDoctoral studentPhysiotherapy

GMS was presented as Best Practice at the ICPerMed Conference in Berlin

04 Dec 2018

The first ICPerMed Conference, 'Personalised Medicine in Action' took place on 20-21 November 2018 in Berlin, Germany. The aim of the conference was to present best practice examples of successful implementation of personalised medicine approaches in Europe and beyond. Genomic Medicine Sweden (GMS...

Several grants to OnkPat

04 Dec 2018

Several researchers at OnkPat, for example Jonas Bergh, Nina Gustafsson, Per Hydbring and Ola Larsson has received grants to support their research. Jonas Bergh and colleagues has received a grant of 13.5 million SEK from VR. It supports the breast cancer study PREDIX HER 2 . Nina Gustafsson and...

KI and Biogen collaborate to facilitate studies on neurological diseases

03 Dec 2018

A new umbrella agreement between KI and Biogen will facilitate future collaborative projects and studies on neurological diseases. The agreement, which is the result of a long process, also aims to establish a governance structure to enable effective future collaboration. KI has been working with...

New head of department for MEB

03 Dec 2018

Professor Kristina Johnell will be the new head of department at MEB, starting on Jan 1, 2019. Kristina is professor in geriatric pharmacoepidemiology at Karolinska Institutet (KI) and a licensed pharmacist. She is leaving the Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society (NVS) to join MEB.

An oesophageal cancer day receives KI Engagement Grant

29 Nov 2018

Eight projects at Karolinska Institutet have been awarded the recently established KI Engagement Grants, which aim to help KI researchers get started along a path to societal impact. These grants are part of an internal ‘impact and outreach’ effort approved by KI President Ole Petter Ottersen...
Cancer and OncologyCare Sciences

Large research grant from Formas

26 Nov 2018

Maria Kippler at the unit of Metals and Health at IMM receives almost 12 million SEK from The Swedish Research Council Formas for the project ”A systems toxicology-based approach to reveal early-life dysregulation of body functions by combined exposures to toxic metals”. In this project Maria...

Myriam Aouadi awarded the prestigious HelDi award

23 Nov 2018

Myriam Aouadi, principal investigator at ICMC, was awarded the prestigious HelDi award at Helmholtz Diabetes Conference 26th-28th 2018. She was awarded the HelDi award together with Fabiana Perocchi (Helmholtz Zentrum München), among 19 other nominees from Universities including Cambridge,...

New VR grant to the Division of Insurance Medicine

22 Nov 2018

Ellenor Mittendorfer-Rutz, Associate Professor and Head of the Division of Insurance Medicine has been granted 25,000,000 SEK by the Swedish Research Council for a research environment called REMAIN (”Refugee Minors And INtegration”). Five research groups from four different countries are involved...

Genomic Medicine Sweden receives SEK 43,8 million from Vinnova

21 Nov 2018

Genomic Medicine Sweden aims to strengthen precision medicine throughout Sweden. With a two-year grant from Vinnova, the work now starts to advance and implement the new genomics broadly in healthcare so that patients will receive access to new diagnostics and treatment. Region Skåne is the host...

Six researchers at NVS have been granted funding from SLL for Network Healthcare

19 Nov 2018

Stockholm County Council promotes the development of Network Healthcare. At NVS, six researchers received funds for the next few years. Erika Franzén , Division of Physiotherapy, has received 1 000 000 during 2019 and 2020 for the project "Exercise for Parkinson's disease: From clinical...

Margareta Wilhelm awarded a Senior Research position from the KI Board of Research

19 Nov 2018

Margareta Wilhelm at MTC was awarded a highly competitive Senior Research position from the Board of Research at Karolinska Institutet. She will receive 1.2 million SEK per year over five years to be used for salary. The Senior Researcher funding is part of the board’s drive to recruit leading...

Dissertation 7 Dec 2018: Haomin Yang

16 Nov 2018

On Friday Dec 7 Haomin Yang will defend his thesis " Panorama of diseases associated with breast cancer ". Professor Lars Holmberg from King’s College London and Uppsala University will be his opponent. Haomin's supervisors are Kamila Czene, Per Hall, Judith Brand and Wei He. Haomin's thesis...
Breast cancerEpidemiology