Lectures and seminars

HIC seminar: Maria Kvist, MD, PhD at KI and SU

2013-04-2414:00 to 2018-12-1219:34 LIME, meeting room Engage, Tomtebodavägen 18 A, floor 3, Karolinska Institutet

Welcome to a seminar with Maria Kvist, physician and researcher in Health Informatics, associated with HIC, Karolinska Institutet and Dept. of Computer and System Sciences (DSV), Stockholm University

The opening of patient portals in several countries gives patients access to their own medical record on-line. However, the records are not available just because they are on the Web, they need to be made understandable as well. The medical sublanguage is telegraphic, full of medical terminology and abbreviations, an internal communication not directed to the patient. In health care a precise language is needed for patient safety. Although the record is one of the most important working tools in health care there is not much research about the language in it, or what patients understand. We want to create a system that translates medical Swedish to general Swedish, and start with a pilot project on radiology reports. A text in regular Swedish in parallel with the original text, is one way to respect both the requirements of health care and the patient's need of understanding.

Mia studies the language in clinical text, and is a member of Hercules Dalianis´ research team "Clinical Text Mining Group" at DSV, working on development of language technology tools for information retrieval.