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Hagströmer Lecture: The Science of Human Perfection

2016-05-1117:00 Hagströmerbiblioteket, Haga TingshusOther

Welcome to the first Hagströmer Lecture! From medical eugenics to genomic medicine: The relief of suffering and the self-direction of human evolution with Professor Nathaniel Comfort, Johns Hopkins University.

Drawing on his book The Science of Human Perfection, professor Comfort traces the history of the promises of medical genetics and of the medical dimension of eugenics. He also considers social and ethical issues that cast troublesome shadows over these fields, and puts CRISPR/Cas9 into historical context.

Lecture followed by reception.

Hagströmerbiblioteket, Haga Tingshus

Bus 57 (Sveavägen) Bus 515 (Odenplan)
Stop: Haga Södra

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