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Fysiologiföreningen: Sulayman Dib-Hajj

2013-04-1115:00 to 2018-12-1622:48 Tellus Seminar Room, Retzius Lab Floor 5, Scheeles v. 1, Campus Solna

Nav1.7 Sodium Channel as an Appealing Target for Pain Research and Treatment

Dr. Sulayman Dib-Hajj

Senior Research Scientist, Dept. of Neurology & Neuroscience and Regeneration Research Center, Yale School of Medicine, USA

Dr. Sulayman Dib-Hajj is a Senior Research Scientist at the Department of Neurology and the Center for Neuroscience and Regeneration Research, Yale University. His research focuses on the role of voltage-gated sodium channels in inherited and acquired pain disorders. He has been investigating the effect of mutations on biophysical properties and trafficking of sodium channels, leading to regulation of neuronal excitability. He also investigated modulation of sodium channels by post-translational modifications (phosphorylation) and by interaction with cytosolic protein partners.

Host: Abdel El Manira