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Fysiologföreningen: Lynn T Landmesser

2013-05-3016:30 to 2018-08-2120:21 Hillarp Lecture Hall, Retzius väg 8, Campus Solna

Interactions between spontaneous activity and molecular signals during spinal motor circuit formation

Professor Lynn T Landmesser

Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Lynn Landmesser is a pioneer in understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms responsible for the formation of spinal motor circuits in vertebrates. She has elucidated the transmitters and circuits that drive this activity and has been able to alter the spontaneous activity during precise periods of chick embryo development. She made the surprising discovery that modest alteration in the frequency of this activity, as axons were growing to their targets, caused either dorsal-ventral or motor neuron pool-specific axon path-finding errors depending on the sign of the alteration.

In this talk, she will present data where she has been using optogenetics methods to drive activity in intact developing embryos with different stimulus patterns to elucidate downstream signaling pathways responsible for these path-finding errors and two-photon Ca2+ imaging to assess the alterations in specific subtypes of motor neurons and interneurons. The studies show that modest changes in bursting frequency can be read out by motor neurons to activate different downstream signaling pathways, suggesting that any drugs that alter the frequency of such spontaneous waves have the potential to perturb the development of spinal motor circuits.

Host: Ole Kiehn