Lectures and seminars

Deployment of Online Medical Records and E-Health Services (DOME)

2013-02-1214:00 to 2018-07-2000:04 LIME, meeting room "biblioteket", Tomtebodavägen 18 A, floor 3, Karolinska Institutet

Deployment of Online Medical Records and E-Health Services (DOME) - A multi-disciplinary research project run by the PACE-IT consortium

Speakers at the seminar: Isabella Scandurra, researcher, Ph D in Medical Informatics, Division of Visual Information and Interaction, Department of Information Technology, Uppsala University.

Isabella Scandurra is a senior usability architect, who defended her doctoral thesis in medical informatics at Uppsala university: Building Usability into Health Informatics: Development and Evaluation of Information Systems for Shared Homecare.

Her scientific approach is based on over 10 years of usability research and practice-based project management in health and social care organizations. Isabella aims at spreading the view of a holistic perspective and improved processes where the notion of "the user in focus" is sharpened to have focus on the user´s focus.

Isabella will talk about an ongoing multidisciplinary follow-up research project called DOME, Deployment of Online Medical Records and E-health services. The project is run by Uppsala University and the Department of Information Technology. It is the first project of the PACEIT consortium (PAtient CEntred IT) where a number of senior researchers from different universities and faculties work together on such issues. In DOME, focus is on the EU implementation project SUSTAINS (Support USers To Access INformation and Service) which aims at providing a number of eHealth services to the citizens of 11 European regions. An example of a deployed SUSTAINS service is that all patients in the County Council of Uppsala today have access to their own medical records.