Conferences and symposiums

CIM celebrates 10 years

2013-05-3111:30 to 15:30 F59, Karolinska University Hospital and Hörsalen, NOVUM, floor 4

In 2013 the Center for Infectious Medicine celebrates its 10th anniversary. On the 31st of May we welcome you to a day with open house and interesting seminars.


11.30 Open house at CIM: F59, Karolinska University Hospital, Huddinge. We offer light refreshments!

Minisymposium, Hörsalen, NOVUM, floor 4

13.00 "CIM - History and future" - Jan Andersson & Hans-Gustaf Ljunggren

13.15 "Discovery of novel innate immune cells" - Hergen Spits, University of Amsterdam

14.15 "Mass cytometry: Next generation flow cytometry" - Garry Nolan, Stanford University

15.15 Mingle, drink, snack

Welcome to our 10-year anniversary!