Conferences and symposiums

BIO-Europe Spring 2016 in Stockholm

2016-04-0408:00 to 2016-04-0617:00 Kistamässan Convention CenterOtherInnovation Office

Karolinska Institutet will participate in BIO-Europe Spring 2016, an international life science partnering conference which will be held in Stockholm, Sweden this year. BIO-Europe Spring will gather representatives from organizations within biotechnology, pharma and finance. The event is organized by EBD Group, co-hosted by Stockholm Business Region and Stockholm Science City Foundation

KI's leading representatives include Alexander von Gabain, Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Innovation and Commercial Outreach, Richard Cowburn, Project Manager, Corporate Affairs, Lilian Wikström, CEO KI Innovations AB and Mark Farmery, Senior Business Development Manager at KI Innovations AB. Read a recent blog post written by Mark Farmery: Collaborative healthcare innovation in Sweden: Sustainably transforming academic research at Karolinska Institutet into successful business. Additional links found below show seminars and workshops where KI will be involved.

For more information, please see the BIO-Europe Spring 2016 website.