Ambassadors and other foreign ministry heads visit KI

2015-08-2613:00 to 18:00Campus Solna

As part of the annual meeting arranged by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (UD) for Swedish ambassadors and consul-generals, 150 senior UD officials, including 105 Swedish ambassadors and consul-generals, will be paying a visit to Karolinska Institutet to learn about what we do. The visit is scheduled for 26 August at 1.00 pm to 6.00 pm, and will take place in Aula Medica’s Erling Persson room. The visitors will be officially received by the Karolinska Institutet management and several leading researchers.

The meeting is closed to all other employees of the university and the general public. Reporters have been invited, and we hope that it will be covered by the radio and digital media.

Press contacts are Sabina Bossi and Jon Pelling, jon.pelling@gov.se.

If you have any queries about the meeting, please contact Nina Bandmann.