Neuroscience common infrastructure

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The common infrastructure at the Department of Neuroscience refers to technical structures and support, laboratory devices, facilities and rooms that are shared by a number of co-workers from different or within the same research fields. Since establishment and maintenance of infrastructure systems are often capital- and labor-intensive, the Department has initiated a coordination project. The ambition is to sustain and to contribute to the improvement of the possibilities for conductance of high-quality research and education.

The specific aims of the project are:

  • To survey continuously all common equipment and laboratories at the department
  • To estimate the remaining lifetime and future service needs
  • To educate adequately all users of the common equipment and labs
  • To analyze the future needs and wishes for common research/education activities at the Department.

On the Department of Neuroscience’s internal website, there is a list of all common infrastructure. Some of the items included in the list are: different labs (cell culture/bacteriology/virus/isotope/darkroom), different microscopes (e.g. confocal microscope) and various equipment for molecular biological analyses. The names of the contact persons are also listed on the same page. This list is updated every six months. The Executive Group of the Department evaluates the suggested future needs.

For more information, contact Boje Persson, Supervisor at the department.