Lallemend Laboratory

Senior researcher

Francois Lallemend

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 876 41
Organizational unit: Department of Neuroscience (Neuro), C4

Research focus

Neuronal Specification and Connectivity in the Peripheral Nervous System

The lab is interested in understanding the molecular principles underlying the neuronal specification and neural circuit formation in the peripheral nervous system. More specifically, we propose to dissect anatomically and molecularly the construction of the tridimensional structure of the neural networks that underlie the locomotor behavior and hearing process and to reveal the physiological functions of still enigmatic neuronal populations in the cochlear system. In addition, we propose to shed light onto how developmental processes make use of either stochastic or predetermined molecular mechanisms or both simultaneously during the formation of the nervous system.

The research projects in the laboratory employ an integrated approach involving molecular and cell biology, advanced genomics, genetic strategies in the mouse, complemented by anatomical and biochemical methods, enabling in vitro and in vivo analyses of signaling events and molecular mechanisms involved in neuronal fate decision.

From left to right, Sensory epithelium of a P3 mouse cochlea, Innervation of a E14.5 mouse forelimb and Genetic tracing in a perinatal mouse dorsal root ganglion.

Selected publications

A local source of FGF initiates development of the unmyelinated lineage of sensory neurons.
Hadjab S, Franck M, Wang Y, Sterzenbach U, Sharma A, Ernfors P, et al
J. Neurosci. 2013 Nov;33(45):17656-66

The transcription factor Hmx1 and growth factor receptor activities control sympathetic neurons diversification.
Furlan A, Lübke M, Adameyko I, Lallemend F, Ernfors P
EMBO J. 2013 May;32(11):1613-25

Ephrin-A5/EphA4 signalling controls specific afferent targeting to cochlear hair cells.
Defourny J, Poirrier A, Lallemend F, Mateo Sánchez S, Neef J, Vanderhaeghen P, et al
Nat Commun 2013 ;4():1438

Positional differences of axon growth rates between sensory neurons encoded by Runx3.
Lallemend F, Sterzenbach U, Hadjab-Lallemend S, Aquino J, Castelo-Branco G, Sinha I, et al
EMBO J. 2012 Sep;31(18):3718-29

Molecular interactions underlying the specification of sensory neurons.
Lallemend F, Ernfors P
Trends Neurosci. 2012 Jun;35(6):373-81

Group members

Paula FontanetPostdoc
Saida HadjabSenior researcher
Francois LallemendSenior researcher
Charles PetitprePhD student
Simone Wanderoy BlemingsResearch assistant
Yiqiao WangPhD student
Haohao WuPhD student
Yongtao Xue-FranzénSenior lab manager

Interested in joining the lab?

Projects for undergraduate students may be available in the lab. Applications for post-doc or PhD positions are very welcomed if the applicant can bring financing. Otherwise early contacts are encouraged to plan applications for external personal grants. In particular candidates with experience in developmental neurobiology or in molecular biology. Send application to

Published datasets

Gene expression in P3 and adult spiral ganglion neuron subtypes