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Correlative light and electron microscopy unit (CLEM)

The unit is specialized in guiding researchers in correlative microcopy (CLEM) and immuno-EM technologies and helps with EM projects, including conventional and cryo-EM.



Oleg Shupliakov

Telefon: 08-524 878 49
Enhet: Institutionen för neurovetenskap (Neuro), C4


Illustration of genetic labelling of type a pericytes_example Correlative light and electron microscopy unit

(A) Schematic depiction of the strategy to induce genetic recombination and labeling of type A pericytes. (B-D) Electron micrographs showing a recombined type A pericyte (arrow). (B) Pseudocolors indicate a recombined pericyte (green and HRP-stained), non-recomined class B pericytes (blue), endothelial cells (red) and astrocytes (cyan). The inset shows a light microscopic image of an adjacent section with the same recombined pericyte revealed by DAB staining (arrow). (C) The boxed area in B showing the basal lamina (bm, arrowheads) surrounding the recombined pericyte. (D) Close up of the area marked in B showing the plasma membrane (pm, arrowheads) of the astrocyte. (Modified from: Science. 2011; 333(6039):238-42. doi: 10.1126/science.1203165; PMID: 21737741).

Being a part of steering groups for Basic EM (head, Doc. K. Hultenby) and Electron Tomography (head, Prof. emeritus B. Daneholt) core facilities at KI the unit consults researchers and students at the Department in how-to-prepare specimens to be shipped to KI core-facilities for further analysis. It provides courses and education for researches and students willing to perform EM-related projects and supervises the use of the equipment for correlative LM-EM.

Equipment availale for booking

  • Tecnai 12 electron microscope: equipped with the cryo-stage and CompuStage for electron-tomography
  • EM-Pact2 high-pressure freezer (Leica)
  • Leica UCT ultratome
  • AFS (Leica) for PLT and low-temperature embedding
  • Facilities and equipment for conventional embedding of EM specimens
  • Set-up for microinjections


If you wish to book the equipment, please contact Oleg Shupliakov or Elena Sopova.