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Talks on Bacteria and Biofilms

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2017-05-2914:00 Swedish Medical Nanoscience Center, Seminar Room, Department of Neuroscience, Scheeles väg 1Campus Solna

The Swedish Medical Nanoscience Center at the Department of Neuroscience would like to welcome you to a session of Talks on Bacteria and Biofilms on May 29th.

Rikke Louise MeyerStrategies for Prevention and Treatment of Biofilms

Associate Professor Rikke Louise Meyer, Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Centre, Aarhus University (Denmark).






Leif Kirsebom189x251 pxThe world of Mycobacteria - Expectations and Surprises

Professor Leif A. Kirsebom, Director at Uppsala Biomedical Centre, BMC-intendenturen and Professor at Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, Structural and Molecular Biology, Uppsala RNA Research Centre - URRC




Contact person: Xiankeng Choong
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