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Fysiologföreningen Annual Meeting Keynote Lecture with Professor Leif Andersson

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2019-02-2816:00 Biomedicum main lecture hall, Biomedicum, Solnavägen 9, entrance floorCampus SolnaBiomedicum

How Domestic Animals and Atlantic Herring Can Teach Us about Physiology


Professor Leif Andersson, Department of Medical Biochemistry and Microbiology, Uppsala University

Leif Andersson will present some lessons of relevance for human physiology from genomic studies of two non-classical model organisms, domestic animals and the Atlantic herring.

Domestic animals have gone through dramatic phenotypic changes during the last 10,000 years since domestication. Dr. Andersson and his team have exploited this to reveal genetic changes of critical importance and their mechanism of action. For instance, their characterization of a locus explaining differences in muscularity between wild boars and domestic pigs resulted in the discovery of a previously unknown transcription factor and a mechanism regulating muscle growth and the size of internal organs most likely in all placental mammals, including human.

- The Atlantic herring is one of the most abundant vertebrates on earth with a global population size of about 1,000 billion fish, about 90 billion of these are found in the Baltic Sea only. In fact, the herring is one of the few marine fish that has been able to colonize the brackish Baltic Sea. The Andersson lab has performed whole genome sequencing of the Atlantic and Baltic herring and revealed hundreds of gene regions showing striking genetic differences between these populations.

They are in the process to characterize why these genetic changes have been critical for the adaptation of the herring to the Baltic Sea environment.

  • The Annual meeting starts at 15:00 in Biomedicum seminar room 2/D0351.
  • Dr. Andersson’s lecture starts at 16:00 in Biomedicum main lecture hall.

Both seminar room and lecture hall are located on the entrance floor and open to visitors.

The lecture will be followed by light refreshments.

We hope to see all of you for this important meeting and interesting lecture - Welcome!

Christian Broberger

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