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Training in suicide prevention

Training in suicide prevention under the heading 'Common knowledge and collaboration in the identification and treatment of suicidal persons' will be held for people in contact with people who are near to suicide in Sodertalje, Salem and Nykvarns municipalities in the spring of 2014, and in Botkyrkavägen and Huddinge municipalities during spring and fall 2014.

During the training day the following areas of cooperation were highlighted as a common thread :Aktionlivräddning - utbildning i självmordsprevention

  • Facts about suicide , myths and taboos
  • The association between suicide and mental illness
  • The importance of an open discussion climate ? to dare to talk about suicide
  • Treatment of suicidal patients and the professional approach
  • Risk factors - what you should be aware of?
  • Protective factors for suicidal acts
  • Young and suicide? Cause , Treatment and Prevention
  • Meeting the relatives ' needs - the issues, grief and crisis processing
  • The purpose of a suicide risk assessment - why is it and when should it be performed?

1-day training that will later be followed by a meeting on local collaborative interaction.

Södertälje, Salem, Nykvarn: Wednesdays, 5/3, 12/3, 19/3, 2/4, 9/4, 23/4 or 7 / fifth

With particular focus on young people: Wednesdays 12/2, 26/3, 5/14

Venue: The Salvation Army, Oxbacksgatan 25 in Södertälje

Huddinge, Botkyrkavägen, Salem: Thursday, 22/5 (targeting children and young people), on Thursday in 12/6. Three more opportunities will be offered during the fall of 2014.

Venue: details on the venue will be provided shortly.

Education is free, coffee is included but not lunch.

More information on the course content or registration

Linda Karlsson ( linda.karlsson @ , 0760-522412 )

More information on the education, dates for meetings and registration

Laila Lindahl: Email:

Specialization Courses in Sundbyberg and Solna municipalities


An important part of the project is to improve the interaction between different activities locally. Collaboration between various players who come into contact with suicidal individuals is essential to prevent acts of suicide .

Dates and times

Tuesday, 11 February ( fully subscribed ) , 09.00 - 12:00

Thursday, 13 February at 13:00 - 16:00

Tuesday, March 25 , at 13.00 - 16:00

Thursday, March 27, at 09.00 am - 12:00

Lecturer: Johan Andreen , child and adolescent psychiatrist, gestalt therapist

The encounter with the suicidal: Program

  • Why is difficult conversations difficult ?
  • Attitudes toward suicide? what are they doing to us?
  • If the area between complete processing and rejection
  • Spiritual , existential or religious issues ? dare you touch that?
  • How can I be available if I prefer to go from there ?
  • A simple conversation methods .
  • When someone's right to take his life collides with my duty to prevent it.
  • The självmordsnäres ambivalence ? an important ally
  • Facing suicidal in care or on the town.

Dates and times

Mondays March 10, April 7 and April 28 , at 09.00 am - 12:00

Speaker: His Gentzel , psychotherapist and hospital chaplain

Transcultural aspects

Dates and times

Thursday, April 10 , at 09.00 am ? 12:00

Tuesday, 20 May, at 09.00 ? 12:00

Lecturer: Maria Sundevall , psychiatrist


Advancement Day on the treatment of suicidal aimed primarily at people working in mental health services for residents in Sundbyberg and Solna municipalities

Dates and times

Monday, March 31

Speaker: Christina Spears , licensed physician , specialist in psychiatry , consultant

Room: To be announced