Love is the best kick : a course in the prevention of mental illness

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This course provides education for the prevention of mental illness , based on the video " Love is the best kick" 1

Target groups

Staff in secondary school , secondary school, at youth centers and regional youth centers , all engaged in organized activities for young people.

Time and place of next course

May 15 to 16, 2014, NASP 's offices at Granits väg 4, Solna,  Stockholm


Course aim

Course main objective the prevention and early detection of mental health problems, bullying and ultimately suicide among students and teaching them manage crises, anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts, and increase their self-esteem.

The course will also help to :

  • Provide knowledge of medical , psychosomatic and psychological symptoms
  • Providing information about various factors that underpin adolescent suicidal thoughts, actions and attempts
  • Provide information about depression characteristics among adolescents
  • Provide information on treatment and how staff support, teacher support , and peer support can be built up
  • Preparing educational activities among parents and students in the above areas based on the film
  • contents:
  • Statistical description of how the situation is like for young people in Sweden compared to international data .
  • Depression signs of recognition in children and youth.
  • How stress, bullying, identity affects adolescent mental health.
  • Adolescent suicidal ideation , suicidal behavior and suicide attempts from different vulnerability models , and suicide risk among youth .
  • What school and / or other staff groups can do after an attempted suicide and prevention in the form of various action plans.


The course covers two days. The starting point is the video " Love is the best kick" . The content of the course will be communicated through lectures and group discussions. Teaching is problem-based and based on participants' own experiences of teenagers and their mental illness. In order to best understand the content and also get the opportunity to work with teaching materials in their operations, it is recommended that at least two people from the same workplace participate in the training. We also recommend that anyone who is responsible for education at school participates, to understand how best to incorporate this work into the various programs.

The opportunity to benefit from the program and apply the experience in their own businesses will increase if the participants take part in the recommended literature.


The course costs 3500kr . If you want to buy the movie after the course there is an additional cost of 500kr .


Day 1

  • Presentation of the course and its structure
  • Statistical data - theories - vulnerability - Reasons for Suicide
  • Film screening and follow-up of this
  • Educational action preventively - staff support , teacher support and peer

Day 2:

  • Suicide from a relative's perspective
  • Depression and medical treatment for depression
  • Different treatments


Alin Akerman, B (2000) " Love is the best kick" . Background and preliminary investigation of a film documentary for suicide prevention among secondary school students . National Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention .

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Information and registration

Notification must be received in writing by letter, email or fax to NASP , Box 230, SE-171 77 Stockholm , fax 08-30 64 39. Special registration form is not required.

Course leader and facilitator: Britta Alin Åkerman
work: 08-524 8671 4
mobile: 070-363 54 41