There are several shops available for everyone to use at MTC.  
-Plastic shop for gloves, test tubes etc with its own webshop
-Chemical Shop with various chemicals needed for research
-Media/Substrates for plates and buffers with its own webshop

Plastic, Chemical, and Media and Substrates Shop Supervisor

Technical assistant

Susanne Larsen

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 867 51
Organizational unit: Service

Chemical Shop

Here is a selection of current products:


Acetic acid Acetone Aluminium foil
Autoclave tape Chloroform Coverslip 24x32
Coverslip 22x22 Coverslip 24x50 Cytospin filter
EDTA Glycin Immersion oil
Hydrochloric acid Methanol Phenol
Slides Sodium acetate puriss Sodium acetate trihydrate
Sodium chloride Sodium dihydrogen phosphate Monohydrate
Sodium hydroxide Sodium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate Trichloro acetic acid
TRIS Tri-Sodium citrate Tri-Sodium citrate dihydrate
2-Propanol 3MM paper  

Media and Substrates Shop

At the Media and Substrates Shop you can order most kinds of plates, buffers, media and other solutions. Many things do not need to be ordered but are constantly available, among them LB and ampicillin plates, LB media, TAE, TBE, SSC, SDS, Tris, EDTA, PBS, CaCl2, MgSO4, neutralization and denaturering buffers.

Autoclaving and Laboratory Glassware

The MTC Autoclaving and Laboratory Glassware facility has its own website with specific information about staff and services provided.

Autoclaving and Laboratory Glassware Website


Plastic Shop

The turnover of Plastic Shop is high, which enables us to keep very low prices. Each research group has a list where customers can purchase their products through the computer. The special database system has been built at MTC. To get access to the Boutique you have to register with the supervisor.

Listed below is a selection of products that are available in the Plastic Shop:

Tissue culture dishes Sterile filters Falcon tubes
Gloves, vinyl/latex Eppendorf tubes Kyvettes, plastic
Cryo tubes Kleenex PCR-tubes
Freezer boxes Pipettes Rubber police men
Costar-tips Petri dishes Gilson-tips