Satish Srinivas Kitambi Project

Our laboratory has broad interests in understanding cellular features that are unique to different cell types. We use chemical biology and functional genomic tools on cell culture, zebrafish and mouse models to facilitate an improved comprehension of these features. We believe that this approach would facilitate the development of therapies for a broad range of diseases including cancer.

In addition, we actively seek opportunities to develop new technologies to aid our ongoing research.

We believe that our fundamental interest in biology motivated by curiosity will be key to address the societal challenges of tomorrow.



Leprosy-associated Chronic Wound Management Using Biomaterials.
Sivasubramanian S, Mohana S, Maheswari P, Victoria V, Thangam R, Mahalingam J, et al
J Glob Infect Dis ;10(2):99-107

Understanding cytoskeleton regulators in glioblastoma multiforme for therapy design.
Masoumi S, Harisankar A, Gracias A, Bachinger F, Fufa T, Chandrasekar G, et al
Drug Des Devel Ther ;10():2881-2897

The Oncolytic Efficacy and in Vivo Pharmacokinetics of [2-(4-Chlorophenyl)quinolin-4-yl](piperidine-2-yl)methanol (Vacquinol-1) Are Governed by Distinct Stereochemical Features.
Hammarström L, Harmel R, Granath M, Ringom R, Gravenfors Y, Färnegårdh K, et al
J. Med. Chem. 2016 09;59(18):8577-92

Cholestenoic acids regulate motor neuron survival via liver X receptors.
Theofilopoulos S, Griffiths W, Crick P, Yang S, Meljon A, Ogundare M, et al
J. Clin. Invest. 2014 Nov;124(11):4829-42

RETRACTED: Vulnerability of glioblastoma cells to catastrophic vacuolization and death induced by a small molecule.
Kitambi S, Toledo E, Usoskin D, Wee S, Harisankar A, Svensson R, et al
Cell 2014 04;157(2):313-328

Brain endogenous liver X receptor ligands selectively promote midbrain neurogenesis.
Theofilopoulos S, Wang Y, Kitambi S, Sacchetti P, Sousa K, Bodin K, et al
Nat. Chem. Biol. 2013 Feb;9(2):126-33

Tetrahydroquinoline-derived macrocyclic toolbox: the discovery of antiangiogenesis agents in zebrafish assay.
Reddy Guduru S, Chamakuri S, Chandrasekar G, Kitambi S, Arya P
ACS Med Chem Lett 2013 Jul;4(7):666-70

Macrocyclic glycohybrid toolbox identifies novel antiangiogenesis agents from zebrafish assay.
Dasari B, Jogula S, Borhade R, Balasubramanian S, Chandrasekar G, Kitambi S, et al
Org. Lett. 2013 Feb;15(3):432-5

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Project Members

Assistant professor

Satish Srinivas Kitambi

Organizational unit: Administration

Research engineer

Samaneh Masoumi

Organizational unit: Sten Linnarssons group