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IVIS-SpectrumCT In Vivo Imaging Core Laboratory

This picture is used by kind permission of PerkinElmer
Picture used by kind permission of PerkinElmer


  • Preclinical in vivo imaging system
  • 2D and 3D imaging capabilities but includes integrated low-dose microCT
  • Fluorescent imaging with 488-594nm emission dyes
  • Fluorescence imaging with near infrared dyes (e.g. Alexa 750, Bacterisense 647, etc)
  • Bioluminescence imaging with luciferin/luciferase

Booking system

Book the IVIS-SpectrumCT online here

Room number K7133 (BSL2, KMB Animal Facility)

Prior to access to the IVIS-SpectrumCT Laboratory

Training session with the responsible scientist (Federico Iovino). Training session can be scheduled by sending an email to:


Introduction1 3,000 kr/user
Use of IVIS-SpectrumCT 690 kr/hour
Yearly Fee2 45,000 kr
Please note that all costs include 25% INDI
1If you already have experience of using the IVIS-SpectrumCT from the previous IVIS-SpectrumCT laboratory in the old MTC building, please contact Federico Iovino
2The yearly fee is valid for 12 months (unlimited use of IVIS-SpectrumCT upon booking). This fee is highly recommended for regular IVIS-SpectrumCT users, rather than paying the hourly fee every time.


IVIS Spectrum training package

Application overview from Jörg Hamm

In Vivo Imaging Agents Brochure


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Bioware Brite Bioluminescent Oncology Cell Lines

Bioware Brite Cell Culture Guidelines

Cell Preparation and Instructions for In Vivo Injection of Bioware® CellsBrite Tumor Cells

Reagents/Tech notes

D-Luciferin K+ Salt

Determining Luciferin Kinetic Curve for Your Model

Preparation of Luciferin for In Vitro and In Vivo Bioluminescent Assays

Fluorescent Panels Targeted for Your Research

Fluorescent Imaging Panels (User Guide)


Download our interactive In Vivo Solutions eBook to learn more


IVIS-SpectrumCT Core Laboratory Manager


Federico Iovino

Enhet: Birgitta Henriques Normark grupp


IVIS-SpectrumCT Core Laboratory
Bioclinicum, J7:20
Solnavägen 30, 17164 Solna
Stockholm, Sweden