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IVIS-SpectrumCT In Vivo Imaging Core Laboratory

Picture used by kind permission of PerkinElmer


  • Preclinical in vivo imaging system
  • 2D and 3D imaging capabilities but includes integrated low-dose microCT
  • Fluorescent imaging with 488-594nm emission dyes
  • Fluorescence imaging with near infrared dyes (e.g. Alexa 750, Bacterisense 647, etc)
  • Bioluminescence imaging with luciferin/luciferase

Booking system

Book the IVIS-SpectrumCT online here

Room number K7133 (BSL2, KMB Animal Facility)

Prior to access to the IVIS-SpectrumCT Laboratory

Training session with the responsible scientist (Federico Iovino). Training session can be scheduled by sending an email to:


Introduction (1) 10.000,00 kr per Training/Introduction
Use of IVIS-SpectrumCT 2000 kr/hour
These costs can be adjusted in the future based on the maintenance costs of the IVIS-core-laboratory
(1) If you already have experience of using the IVIS-SpectrumCT from the previous IVIS-SpectrumCT laboratory in the old MTC building, please contact Federico Iovino