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What is life? – The future of biology: The Virocentric View of Life

2018-05-2115:00 Gustav Retzius Lecture Hall, Berzelius laboratory, Berzelius väg 3, KI Campus SolnaCampus SolnaBiomedicum

Speaker: Erling Norrby, professor em, KI, former Permanent Secretary General of the Royal Academy of Sciences

Host: Ingemar Ernberg

Lecture followed by Students discussion 16.30 -18.00

ERLING NORRBY, Professor Emeritus, KI, made his thesis on measles virus. He also studied adenovirus, poxvirus, paramyxovirus and HIV. He was Professor of Virology at KI betwen 1972- 1997, Dean of the Faculty o f Medicine (1990-1996) and then permanent  Secretary General of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences 1997- 2003. He has been a Member of the Nobel Committee, Karolinska Institutet and Chairman of the Nobel Assembly from 1981 to 1987. Active member of a numerous medical committees in Sweden, he is involved in many international organizations and has received a number of international awards in recognition for his work, such as honorary doctor at the Charles Unversity in Prague (2013). He is Lord Chamberlain in Waiting at the Royal Swedish Court. Lately he has researched the Nobel Archives and published  so far three highly appreciated volumes on Nobel Prizes in medicine and physiology  and those in chemistry with direct medical relevance.


Contact person: Ingemar Ernberg
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