Lectures and seminars

Immunology and Microbiology seminar: 14-3-3 protein mediated activation of ExoS, an early toxin in Pseudomonas infection - a story in structure pictures

2019-01-2113:00 Biomedicum B0313 3rd floor (Main entrance), Solna Campus.Campus SolnaBiomedicum

Speaker: Herwig Schüler, Department of  Biosciences and Nutrition

Host: Ute Romling


Recent publications

14-3-3 proteins activate Pseudomonas exotoxins-S and -T by chaperoning a hydrophobic surface.
Karlberg T, Hornyak P, Pinto A, Milanova S, Ebrahimi M, Lindberg M, et al
Nat Commun 2018 09;9(1):3785

Contact person: Ute Römling