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5th Stockholm Arthroscopy and Rehabilitation Conference

2014-10-0209:30 to 2014-10-0315:30 SSTRC, Capio Artro Clinic, Sophiahemmet, Valhallavägen 91Other

Welcome to the 5th Stockholm Arthroscopy and Rehabilitation Conference, this year arranged by Capio Artro Clinic and Stockholm Sports Trauma Center.

The program is divided in two parallel sessions - one for arthroscopy/orthopedics and one for rehabilitation/physiology and sports.

Special guest: Pia Sundhage, Sweden Women's Soccer National Team Manager

5th Stockholm Arthroscopy and Rehabilitation Conference



Karolinska Institutet and the Capio Artro Clinic have formed Stockholm Sports Trauma Research Center (SSTRC). The main objective of SSTRC is to conduct both basic and advanced research within the field of sports medicine, sports traumatology and sports rehabilitation. Another objective is to run courses, seminars and conferences in sports medicine. The close cooperation with Capio Artro Clinic makes it possible to improve clinical research and thereby achieve and maintain evidence based treatment and rehabilitation after sports related injuries as well as injury prevention within sports.
Contact person: Suzanne Werner