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Mentorship programmes

Mentorship programmes can prove valuable to both mentors and mentees on a professional as well as a personal level. The relationship is to be reciprocal.

We have listed a few mentorship programmes below, but networks, professional or non-professional, can also offer great possibilities to find your own mentor. Do not hesitate to ask a person you admire if he or she would like to mentor you - they might say yes. Then you just have to agree upon a framework for the relationship, like how often you should meet, what topics you think you will discuss and the expectations you both have on the outcome.

Why should you join a mentorship programme?

  • Networking possibilities
  • Get to know an experienced person within the field you have an interest in
  • Ask all the questions you have about possible career paths
  • You are curious, ambitious and motivated and want to learn and improve your career opportunities
  • Mentors often generously share their knowledge and experiences and give time to mentees and guide them down paths that the mentors themselves have walked

BioN - the Biomedicine Network

BioN - the Biomedicine Network provides a holistic approach to networking, with the aim of connecting talent from the Biomedicine, Bioentrepreneurship and Toxicology programmes at Karolinska institutet with stakeholders from the life sciences. For more information about the organisation and how they can help you got to BioN's FB page or BioN's LinkedIn profile.


Framtidsnätet is a one-year mentorship programme with the purpose of helping Life Science students at KI define career goals, widen their professional network and provide them with a great opportunity of personal development. Framtidsnätet are part of BioN so for more information go to BioN's web page or go to Framtidsnätet´s LinkedIn profile.

What is expected from me as a mentee?

To have continuous meetings with your mentor who will share his/her experience from working in the life sciences and research. You and your mentor will discuss issues regarding careers, personal development and the life science industry. As a mentee you are the one who have the responsibility to keep a regular contact with your mentor.

How does it work?

Mentors and mentees will go through a crash course in mentorship held by a mentorship consultant. The mentor-year then includes three mandatory meetings during which you have the opportunity to meet all the participants in the program, to share your experiences and to influence the future of Framtidsnätet. In addition to these meetings, you and your mentor decide together how often you want meet.

Do you want to join Framtidsnätet? Apply here.


M4R aim is to create Europe’s most highly regarded mentor program for researchers from universities.

The idea of Mentor4Research is to:

  • help ensure that more research results are faster commercialised in Sweden
  • be a natural part of the participating universities’ offering to researchers
  • support the personal development of the researchers and make researchers more attractive

Learn more about the program and how to apply at M4R

M4R promotion video

Women in Science

Women in Science is an organization dedicated to providing women in Sweden who are interested in science with tools and resources to help them achieve their goals in both career and private life. Those goals may involve advancement in their careers, improving independence, running their own business, or other. We host events and sub-projects such as workshops, seminars, mentor programs and much more to be announced.

Learn more about Women in Science on their web page.

Doctoral student - then you should have a mentor

The purpose of the mentor-mentee relation is that an external mentor will work as a bridge from the doctoral student to the world outside the direct research environment, as well as being a personal asset for discussions without being involved in the student´s projects. Read more on the Staff portal.

Do you run a mentoring programme and want to be on this page?

Contact career services at or via our contact details.