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Team Muhammad Asghar

Team Muhammad Asghar


Infectious diseases could potentially reduce lifespan by contributing to the ageing process and adding miles to the biological clock. We have previously shown that chronic asymptomatic malaria infections reduce lifespan in birds, mediated through accelerated cellular ageing that occurs in many body tissues. Our research group investigates how single transient or repeated infections with different pathogens (malaria, HIV, tuberculosis, influenza and bacterial infections) affect cellular ageing in different organs and within specific leukocyte subsets (T and B cells), by combing epidemiological and experimental approaches. The project investigates mechanistic interplay between infectious diseases and ageing that might leads us to interventions that can either slow down or prevent the negative impact of infectious diseases on ageing.

Asghar has been appointed Ragnar Söderberg Fellows in Medicine 2018.

Team Asghar

Muhammad Asghar, PhD, Research Assistant Professor

Aurelie Miglar, PhD student