Team Anders Ternhag

Research focus

The use of antibiotics


We are studying the use of antibiotics in the population in a broad sense. This is done mainly by various epidemiological register based studies.  

But we are also responsible for two governmental funded national RCT:s. The first will examine clinical effect and the impact on gut microbiota of temocilline vs. cefotaxime for febrile UTI. The second will compare clinical effect of 10 days with PcV 1gx3 vs. 5 days with PcV 500 mg 1x4.

Finally, we have work on antibiotic resistance and more specifically on health economic consequences in a collaboration project with Gothenburg University.

Major research focus

Antibiotic use, pharmacoepidemiology, clinical effect, microbiota, adverse outcomes of URTIs

Team members

Anders Ternhag, MD, PhD, Associate Professor, Team Leader

Charlotta Edlund, MD, PhD, Professor

Malin Grape, PhD

Gunilla Skoog, Msc Pharm

Key publications

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