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Team Åke Örtqvist

Research focus
Infection control and prevention of communicable disease


Transmission of microorganisms and infectious diseases constitutes a serious threat to public health. The research areas of the team members include “Infection control and prevention in healthcare” and “Surveillance, outbreak investigation, vaccine strategies, and follow up of communicable diseases”.


Major research focus

  • Effectiveness and epidemiological consequences of implementation of two new vaccines in the child health vaccination program in Stockholm County – pneumococcal vaccine (2007) and Rotavirus vaccine (2014)
  • Development of methods for estimation of influenza vaccine effectiveness in real-time.
  • Prevention of surgical site infections with focus on the effect of ventilation and clothing systems on dispersal of microorganisms from staff in the operating room
  • Surveillance of health care associated infections
  • How antibiotic-resistant bacteria affects different groups among the Swedish population – citizens, patients and healthcare staff
  • Transmission pattern of HIV among persons injecting drugs
  • Epidemiological surveillance of HIV based on anonymous reporting
  • Outbreak investigation of TB in congregate settings
  • Outcome of existing screening programs for communicable diseases in migrants and pregnant women.

Team members

Åke Örtqvist, MD, PhD, Associate Professor, Team Leader

Per Follin, MD, PhD, Associate Professor

Ann Tammelin, MD, PhD

Maria-Pia Hergens, PhD

Susanne Wiklund, RN, MPH, PhD

Maria Rotzén Östlund, MD, PhD

Aysel Kulbay, RN, PhD student

Key Publications

































Key Publications