Sarcoidosis Epidemiology Research Group

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Who we are

Our research group in sarcoidosis epidemiology is part of the Chronic Inflammatory Diseases Epidemiology research section based at the Clinical Epidemiology Division, Department of Medicine Solna.


Associate Professor in Epidemiology

Elizabeth Arkema


PhD Student in Epidemiology

Marios Rossides



Our vision and mission

Our overarching goal is to better understand the causes and consequences of sarcoidosis.

Specifically, our aims are to:

  • Identify risk factors for sarcoidosis

  • Reduce the time from symptoms to diagnosis

  • Improve treatment strategies for sarcoidosis

  • Minimize the long-term consequences of sarcoidosis

Our mission is to provide evidence-based answers to etiological and clinical questions using epidemiological methods.


Our data

Sweden’s high quality and comprehensive healthcare data allow us to conduct large-scale investigations of risk factors for and outcomes after sarcoidosis. These nationwide data from health and demographic registers form the basis of our data repository for sarcoidosis research. It is further enriched by the inclusion of clinical and laboratory data for about 1500 individuals included in the sarcoidosis clinical cohort at Karolinska University Hospital.

Our work is supported by grants from the Swedish Research CouncilHjärt-Lungfonden, Svenska Läkaresällskapet, SFO Epidemiology, and Karolinska Institutet Research Foundation.



Our work brings together the expertise of clinicians, immunologists and epidemiologists. Collaborations are essential for the exchange of expertise from all scientific fields and we welcome researchers interested in sarcoidosis research to contact us.

Currently, we work closely with the following divisions:


Selected publications

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Written about our work...

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Contact or visit us

You can reach us via the following channels:

Twitter @elizabetharkema
Post Karolinska Institutet
Department of Medicine Solna
Clinical Epidemiology Division, T2
171 76 Stockholm
Visit us Clinical Epidemiology Division
Eugeniahemmet, T2
Karolinska University Hospital
171 76 Stockholm
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