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Fluorescence optical imaging: a novel tool evaluated for sound diagnostic utility in early rheumatoid arthritis


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Description of the study

In this project the novel tool, fluorescence optical imaging (FOI, RheumaScan) will be utilized at the Rheumatology Clinic in the Karolinska University Hospital – the first clinic in Sweden to use this instrument. This method measures inflammation in hands and wrists by obtaining visual-light images after intravenous injection of a fluorescent dye. A comparative Bayesian statistical model, referring to a physician’s diagnostic judgment before and after the tool has been used, will be used to determine the diagnostic utility of the instrument. Patients referred to the Rheumatology will be evaluated by physicians utilizing a 5-point pre-test scale to determine the certainty of early RA diagnosis. Then, physicians will utilize FOI on these patients and finally will re-assess their pre-test with a post-test rating in terms of diagnostic certainty. About 5-6 patients are remitted to the Rheumatology Clinic every week for early RA diagnosis and are then allocated to various studies. It is estimated that about 26 patients with eventual early RA diagnosis will be included in this study.

Overall aim

To determine if FOI is an instrument with diagnostic utility for early RA through the application of Bayesian statistics

Expected to be completed

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Contact information

*Adrian Levitsky, Forskningstekniker/Doktorand
Yogan Kisten, Ronald van Vollenhoven
* +46 (0)8 517 711 62